EA Confirms Star Wars Battlefront Customization


It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about EA’s announcement to bring out a new installment to the Star Wars Battlefront franchise with a proposed release date but actual game play footage and information was pretty scarce….until now.

One game aspect that always sits well with me is character customization (the detailed the better) and EA, via their official twitter have confirmed that indeed, character customization will be included in the new Battlefront game – well sort of..

Just how in-depth will customization be?  Are we talking pre-determined heads with set features and hair or editable bases that will allow us to create our own character to our own liking?  In the Battlefront reveal trailer, DICE showcased a total of three races: “Ishi Tib, Sullustan and Human Rebels”, and it’s expected all of these will come under this “Character Heads” customization option.

Are you excited for Battlefront and what options it brings?  Sound off in the comments below!


Bethesda is Giving us Fallout 4 Anticipations.

                                                                      Fallout 4 is coming!

As a massive fan of Bethesda’s Fallout game series, a little part of me geeked out when it was announced that they would be holding a conference at the mega E3 gaming expo later this month – the first time they have ever appeared at the event.  Could they be actually announcing a followup to the very awesome Fallout New Vegas released back in 2010?

Judging by this website it seems that not only is the news true, but that Bethesda could in fact be announcing the game earlier than the June 14th E3 expo and to quash any fears of the website being fake, Bethesda sent out the following tweet:

Set in an alternate reality where a failed Chinese invasion of America resulted in thermonuclear war, the Fallout series puts you as a custom player tasked with navigating a massive wasteland, rebuilding civilization in some form in the wake of the apocalypse. Fallout 3 was set in the Washington DC area, New Vegas in a Vegas like setting, while previous games have taken place on the West Coast of the US.

Can’t wait to see just what is revealed in 14 hours time!