Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Review

Leila (Ivy George) is the target for demon Toby
Leila (Ivy George) is the target for demon Toby

Through (now) six movies, including one odd spin-off/side movie, the Paranormal Activity movies are now finally attempting to close up for good by wrapping up the series long story-line revolving around sisters Kristi and Katie, young boy Hunter and giving life to the never-before seen protagonist – Toby, with the latest and last release in the line – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Ghost Dimension follows the series previous outings with a ‘found footage’ feel, all seen through the lens of a camera but with the added twist of 3D special effects that funnily enough, when sporadically used, don’t offer much effect.

Picking up with a brand new family featuring husband and wife Ryan (Chris J Murray) and Emily (Brit Shaw) and their butter-wouldn’t-melt daughter Leila (Ivy George) who are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas in their brand new house, where Ryan stumbles across an old 1980’s video camera that isn’t as vintage as it first looks.  While playing around with the recorder, Ryan discovers that he is able to see things that can’t been seen with other cameras or with the human eye.

Along with the camera, Ryan also discovers boxes filled with several old VHS tapes and it’s not long before Ryan and younger brother Mike (a wonderfully mustached Dan Gill) decide to check out the contents of the old tapes (seriously, who has a working VCR these days?!) and we discover how this final movie ties into all the others. See, these old tapes are filled with eepy-cray sessions of a young Katie and Kristi (whom we first met in paranormal activity 3) being hypnotized into a trance-like state by a pony-tailed man preparing them to meet Toby.

With the cameras ability to see mysterious things, Ryan gets the idea to set up cameras around the house hoping to catch a glimpse of what is making things go bump in the night and who his daughter is communicating with which sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

known for it’s ability to scare, some of the jump-out-of-your-seat moments presented in Ghost Dimension feel expected but none-the-less, still shocking and with the visual manifestation of Toby being introduced for the very first time, while certainly creepy, it makes this movie very different from the others.  Where other Paranormal outings working off the “what you can’t see” approach, being able to actually see Toby doesn’t add any extra element of fear to the movie.

As a long-time fan of the movies, the final pay-off does come – you will get your answers though I’d recommend revisiting the previous films to refresh yourself with the time-line and characters!  While I may not be too keen on how it all ends (it can only go one of two ways), it’s still nice to finally get that closure.  One thing I will say is that while the Paranormal Activity movies seem to have come to an end, Ghost Dimension does leave itself open to question whether a spin-off series of movies may be coming our way.

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimensions is in select theaters Australia wide as of today.