Tribute to David Bowie


Why am I crying?  In all honesty, I haven’t thought of David Bowie in a long time.  His music will come on randomly on the jukebox at work “China Girl” “Lets Dance” “Fame” and I would admire the music, sing along to the parts I knew and continue about my daily tasks, yet for some reason, i’m sitting here unsuccessfully trying to hold back tears after learning of his passing.

Looking back, I didn’t shed a tear when Michael Jackson died same with Steve Irwin or Michael Hutchence as I had no emotional attachment or memory of them.  Princess Dianna however is another story.

But here’s the thing, to me, David Bowie will always be 80’s movie villain Jareth the Goblin King.  Today as a 35 year old, of all of his incarnations, this is the Bowie I remember fondly. This is the Bowie I remember sitting down to numerous times as a child to be enthralled by not only Sarah’s task of trying to rescue her baby brother Toby from the clasps of Jareth and his Labyrinth but the music that accompanied this magical movie.

Over the years, I would sporadically find myself on YouTube and somehow stumble onto three specific songs from this movie – all sung by Bowie – and find myself singing along and just smiling.

Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble holding back the tears.  Knowing the man we thought that was going to live forever and who created these three songs that make me smile and retain fond memories of my childhood is no longer with us.

You sir will be missed.

It’s only forever
Not long at all
Lost and lonely
That’s underground