1st Annual Tweetgies Awards Reveals Reality TV Hits and Misses

Just one of the many valid categories during Sunday afternoons 1st annual Tweetgies

Forget the “best new talent” or “best news coverage” categories at last nights Logie awards, it was all about the 1st annual ‘Tweetgies’ (there’s a new word for auto-spell!) held yesterday (Sunday May 8th) afternoon via twitter thanks to creators and rabid television tweeters Gidgit VonLaRue and Colonel Kickhead.

Thanks to a strong and widespread group of Australian based tweeters that unite daily for for live tweet sessions of reality shows from House Rules to Masterchef, MKR and Seven Year Switch and with the annual TV Week Logie awards fast approaching VonLaRue and Kickhead saw an opportunity to produce their very own TV awards that showcased Australian reality television, its content and cast of wacky and wild participants.

“We wanted to do something funny and taking the piss a bit out of the Logies, also we are both huge reality show fans – who don’t watch sport – so seeing what we and our followers mostly tweet to is reality shows” says VonLaRue. “We made the nominees purely from reality shows and we also wanted to make it funny because its not like the Logies will ever have a category of most disliked person on a reality show!”

With a mix of funny and somewhat brutal categories including “Most Useless Inanimate Object on Reality TV”, “Best Host on a Reality Show” and “Best Designer on a Reality Show” among others, Gidgit and Colonel hand picked a selection of nominees for each category (former Bachelor Blake Garvey , ‘Boozy’ Suzi Taylor, Darryl Summers, reality show Married at First Sight and House Rules designer extraordinaire Carolyn Burns McCrave to name a few) that were then voted on by the tweeting public…much like the Logie Awards rely on voting from the viewing public.

And even while the Logies failed to secure any international musical acts, the same can’t be said for the Tweetgies who managed to score the following:

My favorite part of the event however…

Keeping it funny, light hearted, inclusive and relevant was the main aim of these tongue-in-cheek awards which both hosts easily managed to do and with the rate of brand new reality shows bursting onto our screens, one could easily imagine the list of categories and nominees expanding from this year.  Perhaps we might see a  ‘hall of fame’ or ‘gold tweetgie award’ created!

Make sure you follow the Tweetgies on Twitter to find out all the results from the ceremony and to keep informed of how you can participate in and vote on next years event!