Covet Fashion App Introduces its Most Diverse Change to Date.

Fashion dress up app Covet Fashion is embracing and celebrating the diversity of the female form by introducing a stack of new virtual models of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity for users to dress and enter into voting competitions held within the app.

Prior to this update, Covet only featured one standard sized virtual model who was tall and slender with users determining the rest of the models features from skin color, hair style and color, makeup, clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

the original thin, waif like virtual models

Listening to covet users commenting on the lack of diversity within the game and the general fashion trend towards fuller figured models (and the new curvy Barbie) the team behind the app created 50 brand new and differently proportionate models which went live today on the most recent app update.

 The change was a long and arduous task which involved taking the apps entire existing wardrobe (50,000 + garments have been included over the last three years) and morphing them to fit the new bodies.

Tall and large, short and wide, tall and slender, the new covet fashion virtual models

The update – which is player selective to the three million plus users – removes the standard model from the selected challenge and randomly selects one of the updated models that has its body size and skin color locked allowing everyone competing in the challenge to use the same model.  Speaking to, senior vice president and general manager of Covet Fashion, Blair Ethington stated “We wanted to take away any judgement people have about which body is better and which race is better.  All the focus is on the styling choices.”

As a long time player, it’s a great change for the app that brings a new freshness to a game that was beginning to feel a little stale.  Additions of new, unlock-able hair and makeup for higher levels, re-freshening up of older styles and the introduction of Covet Houses were just the beginning of major changes for the app.

Covet Fashion App is free to play, with in-app purchases on iOS and Apple.