It’s Official: Josh Thomas’s Please Like Me is no More.

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It was the show that introduced comedian Josh Thomas into households worldwide, brought us Wade Briggs and the return of Aussie favorite Debra Lawrence to our screens and moved Home and Away familiars Charles Cottier and Jackson Gallagher into more mature acting roles – Please Like Me, sad to say, is not coming back.

Local Aussie comedy and favorite of, Please Like Me, created, written by and starring Josh Thomas will not be coming back for a fifth season today in news confirmed by Josh via his official Facebook page.

The final episodes of season four, which aired in December last year, brought about some major changes for Thomas’s character and those around him including the shock suicide of his mother (Debra Lawrence) and the end of Tom (Thomas Ward) and Ella’s (Emily Barclay) relationship which eventually saw best friends Josh and Tom reunited in Josh’s million dollar inner-city apartment.

It was changes that would either lead into a empty canvas season five or close out the show with all loose ends tied – the latter, it seems, is what won out.

The show picked up steam and a mass of new followers when US based cable network Pivot joined forces with Thomas and the ABC to keep the show continuing into a second and third season before the network closed up with Please Like Me‘s fourth season moving to popular streaming service Hulu.

Please Like Me is also finding new audiences world wide as it is added the Netflix catalog of shows to stream.