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Why “Fight List” Will Be Your Next App Game Obsession.

Think you know your Ryan Reynolds movies?  What about a list of oil producing countries?  How many girls names starting with D can you think of?  These questions and many more can be found in your newest app obsession called Fight List!

Free to download on both android and apple devices, Fight List is an app game that pits you against your Facebook linked friends in a 5 round battle of wits that will not only push how quickly you can type answers but also how many answers you can get out to beat your opponent within the time limit.

With topics ranging from Boys Names Beginning with H to 25 Most Followed Instagram Accounts, Julia Roberts Movies to Astrological Star Signs there are enough topics to cover everyone’s knowledge base though some topics such as Four Suits in a Deck of Cards and Colors of the Rainbow are a little ridiculous in their restricted lists.

Basically, Fight List seems to be a mix of Scattergories and Family Feud.


When presented with your topic, you’ll have a total of 50 seconds and every correct answer earns you one point with more obscure answers to the topic earning two or three points and boosting your round tally.  Also, don’t be too concerned if spelling (when trying to pump out answers) isn’t your forte as Fight List will generally pick up what it is you are trying to submit, assuming you have at least half the word correct (Fight List did pick up my ‘Kim Kerdichin’ as Kim Kardashian)

Outside of the game, one could easily rattle off a decent list of Owen Wilson movies but in a high pressure round of 50 seconds, that list quickly dwindles to the bare minimum and for those pressed for time (and answers), a quick press of the joker button will insert a correct answer at the cost of some coins from your stash which can then be topped up with a daily bonus or through in-app purchases.

The Nitty Gritty’s of the app –

*Turn based person vs person quiz

*Free to download with in-app purchases for coins

*Ads appear between each round – some can be ended early.

*Keep track of your play stats in stat tracker.

*Link your Facebook account to play against friends

*Questions range from current celebrity to general world knowledge

*Correct answers that come up as wrong can be submitted to developers to insert into the game by pressing on those missing answers at the end of the round.

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat your friends?  Fight List is available for free, to download from apple and google play.

*Please note, this is not a paid review of Fight List

Covet Fashion App Introduces its Most Diverse Change to Date.

Fashion dress up app Covet Fashion is embracing and celebrating the diversity of the female form by introducing a stack of new virtual models of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity for users to dress and enter into voting competitions held within the app.

Prior to this update, Covet only featured one standard sized virtual model who was tall and slender with users determining the rest of the models features from skin color, hair style and color, makeup, clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

the original thin, waif like virtual models

Listening to covet users commenting on the lack of diversity within the game and the general fashion trend towards fuller figured models (and the new curvy Barbie) the team behind the app created 50 brand new and differently proportionate models which went live today on the most recent app update.

 The change was a long and arduous task which involved taking the apps entire existing wardrobe (50,000 + garments have been included over the last three years) and morphing them to fit the new bodies.

Tall and large, short and wide, tall and slender, the new covet fashion virtual models

The update – which is player selective to the three million plus users – removes the standard model from the selected challenge and randomly selects one of the updated models that has its body size and skin color locked allowing everyone competing in the challenge to use the same model.  Speaking to, senior vice president and general manager of Covet Fashion, Blair Ethington stated “We wanted to take away any judgement people have about which body is better and which race is better.  All the focus is on the styling choices.”

As a long time player, it’s a great change for the app that brings a new freshness to a game that was beginning to feel a little stale.  Additions of new, unlock-able hair and makeup for higher levels, re-freshening up of older styles and the introduction of Covet Houses were just the beginning of major changes for the app.

Covet Fashion App is free to play, with in-app purchases on iOS and Apple.

Marvel Women Get the Doll Divine Makeover.

Doll Divine's X-Girl lets users create their own hero
Doll Divine’s X-Girl lets users create their own hero like me!  Original character Diamond and X-Men leader Storm

I’m a sucker for games and apps that let my creativity run wild with character customization.  I’ve probably spent more than a reasonable amount of time sitting in the character creation of Soul Calibur and Saints Row trying to perfect my character tweaking the eyes and hair and skin colour making sure everything is how I want it to be.  Throw marvel superheroes, or more specifically, X-Men heroines to the mix and i’ll be un-contactable for days.

Doll Divine artist Candy’s World has brought those two loves of mine into one very cool and very slick online app that allows users to pretty much create any female X-Men/X-Force/X-Factor character (and more than likely marvel universe character) ever imagined and do them up with your own little twist.

The layout and features of this app are very easy to use, starting from selecting skin color (Mystique blue is, of course, included) to eye colour, eye liner and eye shape, nose, lips and lip colour to pre-determined face paint.  From there you select hair and color – with very cool options that allow you to add various bangs over the top of a base layer and added loose strands before hitting the uniform section.  That area will take a bit to understand as the layering options and available items are crazy – but good crazy!

Once your heroine is complete – with power selection too – you get to add a background including an editable X-Men comic cover where you name the comic like I have below with my very own original character named Gravity and save to your desktop!

My finished project of original character Gravity

And one character not enough?  X-Doll allows users to create multiple characters within the same base!  My main image featuring Emma Frost, Battle Armor Psylocke, Vintage Jean Grey and Muir Island Saga Polaris is a single image!

From the website:  Create infinite female character’s from Marvel’s X-Men universe! Now you can finally design your very own superhero costume, customizing the suit, sleeves, collars, waistlines and more! Gear up your hero for battle, empower her with mutations and adorn her with a dazzling array of hairstyles and accessories. When not on duty, you can even dress up your X-Girl in civilian clothing! A truly beautiful dress up game, featuring the flawless artwork of Candy’s World!

The only negatives I have with this app is the inability to save HQ versions of your work (print screen was my best friend here) and if I have to pick, it’s a shame there’s only one pose available for our girls.

While there are thousands of various dress-up doll apps available online, this one is easily one of the best I have ever seen.  X-Doll is a free to use desktop based online app via Doll Divine!  Make sure you share your creations on Instagram using the #XGirlComic tag for us all to see!

Fantasy Dress Up Games and Animal Makers

App Talk: Creepy Chinese Singing-Dancing MyIdol App.

Here's me as a creepy 3D Avatar person
Here’s me as a creepy 3D Avatar person

If you’re an avid user of social media sites like Instagram, twitter or Vine, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen more than a fair share of cartoony-esque pictures or videos of some people you follow.  Either singing, strutting down the catwalk or dancing on a pole, these creepy looking characters have begun to invade your timelines.

This all thanks to a little app called ‘My Idol’ which is quickly beginning to find it’s way onto everyone’s smart device.  The app itself is not as easy to use as one would think as the entire thing is in Chinese and if you plan on downloading the app and don’t want to push a whole lot of buttons before finding the right one, then head over to this website, as thankfully they’ve created a handy ‘how-to’ guide for those of us who don’t understand the language (according to the app listing – an English version is on it’s way)

The app itself is quite fun to use and creates eerily spot-on 3d caricature renditions of yourself or your favorite celebrity to which you can adjust skin tone, age, features and clothing.  While finding exact hair style/color combinations can be tough, the amount of customizing options available for a free app is quite surprising..and even more-so, nothing is gender locked.  Long flowing pink hair with a beard, flannel shirt and pink skirt…you can do it.

No judgement here!
No judgement here!

Once you’ve settled on your avatar it’s time to move onto the even more fun stuff where your mini clone offers up a wide variety on pre-posed portraits and assorted videos where you can sing Chinese operas, advertise a motorbike or yes…become a pole dancing superstar!

The great thing (for a free app) is that these portraits and videos can be saved right to your device for you to annoy share with everyone on your social media.  There is even a selection of funny gifs but they (currently) are only available to share on Chinese social media platforms and not save to your device.

Pretty Little Liars' Laura Leighton and my portrait shots.
Pretty Little Liars’ Laura Leighton and my portrait shots.

How long will the MyIdol wave last for?  Hopefully, the English release is not too far away and updated with fresh content as this is by far one of the best 3D/avatar apps currently floating around.

Update 20/5/15 – MyIdol is now available in English!  Those who have the app can update with the new English text and those who newly download will automatically get the new version!