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Top Model Finale – Who Will Win?

Finalists from left to right – Duckie, Melissa and Shanali

One could say that, for the first time in a long time, this series of Australia’s Next Top Model was pretty tame – If you take out the whole Taylah choking Ashley for ruining her Supre’ T-Shirt thing.  Sure, a model was physically attacked and another kicked off the show, but in general, the selection of girls all vying for the crown actually got along with each other.  I think the term bullying was never really used (I should check with Jo Blogs and her tally of catchphrases)

So, tonight, one of three girls will be crowned the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model and it all comes down to a popularity contest, (See ya Melissa – you may take stunning photos but the personality is lacking a tad) which saw all three finalists hitting twitter, Facebook and instagram during the week to strum up votes.  I was concerned when the winner crowned changed from judge vote to public vote, but then I remembered season two winner Eboni Stokes and public vote it is!

My tip to win?  Well, I have publicly said my choices are always taken out early (Rhiannon then Taylah then Jade) and I have no real affliction for any of the final three.  I do like Melissa, but only if the required photo doesn’t require her to show emotion, laugh or be under water.  Duckie is cool and full of personality and should pull votes.

I’m tipping Shanali to win however.  Should I say more?  I’ve just said my run of luck with this competition never ends well.  Perhaps I should change my pick to Duckie?

Who do you want to win?

Australia’s Next Top Model the finale airs tonight on FOX8.

When Models Attack: Next Top Model Shock

Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant Taylah Roberts

First off, let me state that I have little to no luck when it comes to choosing favorites in this modeling competition.  Over the seasons, none, that’s right, none of my chosen favorites have ever made the final.  Right now, i’m none for two on this season.

I can thank Taylah for adding to my Top Model body count after her disqualification from Australia’s Next Top Model last night after a heated confrontation with fellow contestant Ashley.

Taylah and Ashley and ‘that incident’

I’m not sure if it was the fact the girls found themselves in the outback, or it was the flies, lack of food perhaps?  Either way, what started off as a simple and fun paint fight turned into a sort-of joke fight between Taylah and Ashley which then turned rather grizzly when Taylah felt adding local bush-land to her attack was needed as well.  (After pushing Ashley to the ground after a good choking, Taylah is seen ripping branches off near-by bushes and whacking her with them).  Just how severe was the attack?  None of the other contestants felt the need to step in neither do any other crew on site at the time though someone off-camera can be heard saying ‘That’s enough’.  Clearly though, after the attack, Ashley was visibly shaken.

That saying “It’s all fun and games until someone get’s hurt” was pretty true.  Taylah was hurt because her Supre’ T-shirt was damaged in said paint fight and Ashley was hurt because Taylah strangled her for ruining said Supre’ T-Shirt.

Despite producing standout photos and proving to be a judge favorite, Taylah found herself hearing the words “We had no other choice but to disqualify you from the competition” resulting in a social media firestorm between those who were happy and understood the decision and those who felt that while Taylah did step over the line, disqualification was not the answer.  A Current Affair even got in on the action, producing a news story for Monday nights episode labeling Taylah as a bully.

To my knowledge, this is the first time in Aussie Top Model history, a contestant has been kicked off the show.  I’m pretty sure it almost happens once every season in the US version.  

Both Taylah and Ashley will appear in Friday’s issue of Who Magazine for a photo-shoot and interview on the events.

Australia’s Next Top Model airs Tuesday nights on FOX8.