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Big Brother Sees Surprise Eviction

Evicted Big Brother Housemate Ben Zabel

Was last night’s Big Brother eviction a case of “others will vote for him, so I don’t need to” or foul play on Big Brother’s behalf with votes not being confirmed?

Like myself, I think many fans of the show were quite shocked to see hot favorite Ben Zabel leave the Big Brother house last night.  Not long after entering the house, Ben quickly became a fan favorite and had since been tipped to win the $250,000 first prize.  It even got to a stage where the housemates would use Ben as the nomination swap sacrifice as they knew he had a strong following on the outside.

Guess they were wrong.

Rumors quickly started circulating that nominee Ed was saved thanks to a voting surge conducted by his family and posts began popping up on Facebook and Twitter from fans stating they never received confirmations of their votes to ‘save’ Ben from eviction.  Add into it the daylight savings factor which saw Queenslanders (Ben’s home state) confused about when the voting lines had actually closed.

Says Jon Francis on Facebook “I wish to air my dissatisfaction at the eviction of Ben [Big Brother] the confusion regarding the different cut off times of the voting.  Especially Qld his home state is a disgrace. Watching the Host of the show telling viewers voting lines are still open while have a banner running saying voting has closed is a major concern .”

While people were saying they never received voting confirmations for Ben, I’ve been told people also found themselves with the same issue when voting for Tim or Tahan.

We’ll see the aftermath of Ben’s eviction on the remaining housemates tonight on channel 9.

Big Brother Shock: A Housemate Walks

Housemates Drew and Nathan. Did One of Them Walk?

In case you have missed all the news scattered over social media yesterday, it’s been revealed a current housemate has voluntarily walked from the Big Brother house.

The news, which started out as speculation has since been confirmed by Big Brother producers (live feeds were cut) but we will not officially know who walked until tonight’s special event episode.  Big Brother has since noted that voting lines are still open leading many to believe those housemates currently nominated were not the one who left.

Of course with any news like this, posts began popping up on twitter about people seeing Drew at a petrol station yesterday afternoon (the accompanying photo looked like a hipster with bad taste in shirts) and also posts about seeing recent intruder Nathan walking around the Dream World compound.

My guess – Nathan has walked to allow both female intruders to stay (one female intruder is scheduled to leave tonight).  Having watched the program, Nathan, after two weeks in the house, is still not totally settling in and was rather emotional at the eviction of the Sugar Sisters last Wednesday.  I believe he feels the experience isn’t what he had planned and has seen that both Madeline and Boog have both fit in well with current housemates.

Either way, we’ll find out tonight in a special late episode airing at 8:45pm tonight right after Australia’s Got Talent on channel 9.

Big Brother 2013 – More Intruders Coming.

Big Brother Housemates Drew and Tim

Let’s talk intruders.  I don’t like Justynn.  His name spelling alone is worthy of a dislike (I don’t even want to add it to my dictionary, that red underline can stay!), but that aside, I’m finding him highly unlikable.  He seems like the type of person who wouldn’t have many close friends in the real world.  Up front, brash, offensive (and that’s not just his personal hygiene!) he’s a more bark than bite type of guy that has most of the housemates offside.  Also, is it just me, but is Justynn literally the only guy in the entire world who looks more dirtier after a shower?

Nathan is fine.  He’s like the sugar sisters.  Doesn’t seem to cause too much trouble, just a beige type of guy.  Neither will win.  But it will be interesting to see who the viewers will vote to stay.

Now more intruders are on their way into the Big Brother house and this time it’s two females!  After Monday night’s male intruder eviction,  we should expect two female intruders to enter – one, a sexy lawyer, the other, a loud mouth pocket rocket.



Top Model Finale – Who Will Win?

Finalists from left to right – Duckie, Melissa and Shanali

One could say that, for the first time in a long time, this series of Australia’s Next Top Model was pretty tame – If you take out the whole Taylah choking Ashley for ruining her Supre’ T-Shirt thing.  Sure, a model was physically attacked and another kicked off the show, but in general, the selection of girls all vying for the crown actually got along with each other.  I think the term bullying was never really used (I should check with Jo Blogs and her tally of catchphrases)

So, tonight, one of three girls will be crowned the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model and it all comes down to a popularity contest, (See ya Melissa – you may take stunning photos but the personality is lacking a tad) which saw all three finalists hitting twitter, Facebook and instagram during the week to strum up votes.  I was concerned when the winner crowned changed from judge vote to public vote, but then I remembered season two winner Eboni Stokes and public vote it is!

My tip to win?  Well, I have publicly said my choices are always taken out early (Rhiannon then Taylah then Jade) and I have no real affliction for any of the final three.  I do like Melissa, but only if the required photo doesn’t require her to show emotion, laugh or be under water.  Duckie is cool and full of personality and should pull votes.

I’m tipping Shanali to win however.  Should I say more?  I’ve just said my run of luck with this competition never ends well.  Perhaps I should change my pick to Duckie?

Who do you want to win?

Australia’s Next Top Model the finale airs tonight on FOX8.

When Models Attack: Next Top Model Shock

Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant Taylah Roberts

First off, let me state that I have little to no luck when it comes to choosing favorites in this modeling competition.  Over the seasons, none, that’s right, none of my chosen favorites have ever made the final.  Right now, i’m none for two on this season.

I can thank Taylah for adding to my Top Model body count after her disqualification from Australia’s Next Top Model last night after a heated confrontation with fellow contestant Ashley.

Taylah and Ashley and ‘that incident’

I’m not sure if it was the fact the girls found themselves in the outback, or it was the flies, lack of food perhaps?  Either way, what started off as a simple and fun paint fight turned into a sort-of joke fight between Taylah and Ashley which then turned rather grizzly when Taylah felt adding local bush-land to her attack was needed as well.  (After pushing Ashley to the ground after a good choking, Taylah is seen ripping branches off near-by bushes and whacking her with them).  Just how severe was the attack?  None of the other contestants felt the need to step in neither do any other crew on site at the time though someone off-camera can be heard saying ‘That’s enough’.  Clearly though, after the attack, Ashley was visibly shaken.

That saying “It’s all fun and games until someone get’s hurt” was pretty true.  Taylah was hurt because her Supre’ T-shirt was damaged in said paint fight and Ashley was hurt because Taylah strangled her for ruining said Supre’ T-Shirt.

Despite producing standout photos and proving to be a judge favorite, Taylah found herself hearing the words “We had no other choice but to disqualify you from the competition” resulting in a social media firestorm between those who were happy and understood the decision and those who felt that while Taylah did step over the line, disqualification was not the answer.  A Current Affair even got in on the action, producing a news story for Monday nights episode labeling Taylah as a bully.

To my knowledge, this is the first time in Aussie Top Model history, a contestant has been kicked off the show.  I’m pretty sure it almost happens once every season in the US version.  

Both Taylah and Ashley will appear in Friday’s issue of Who Magazine for a photo-shoot and interview on the events.

Australia’s Next Top Model airs Tuesday nights on FOX8.

Big Brother Australia Premiere Best and Worst Bits

Big Brother Host Sonia Kruger

Big Brother along with pyrotechnics and a dancing Sonia Kruger in a glitter tin foil dress and thigh high hooker boots returned to our screens last night.

Amid all the dancing and shots of the crowd screaming in anticipation of the big twist, we got to meet 12 new housemates who were about to be open season on social media and experience, first hand, just what this ‘Big Twist’ was for this new season of the re-vamped Big Brother.

Lets talk the good bits of last nights premiere:

Host Sonia Kruger.  Now in her second season as host, Krugs has easily proven herself a force on the stage in front of a crowd.  Quick-witted Sonia even took the time to rib new housemate Caleb about his uncanny resemblance to Shane Warne

The House Divided.  So while the twist of the divided house was not really the best kept secret, how we were introduced to it was exciting.  What key opened which door?  Who was going to end up in the ‘Safe house’ and who would end up in the ‘Halfway house’?

The House.  It’s actually nice (save for the diary room chair).  There’s a clear and definite line between the good and not-so-good sections of the house.

And the not so good bits:

Sonia’s Tin Foil Dress.  I HAD to go there.  Delta Goodrem copped it during The Voice, Krugs copped it all last season.  Wardrobe choices of hosts are one of the first things we all picked up on and Sonia’s tin foil glitter dress matched with a pair of black hooker boots really got everyone talking.  At least her hair looked fab.

Certain Housemates.  Yes Tim, I’m calling you out on this one.  He’s loud, he’s brash, he’s that ‘there’s one every season’ guy.  Within the hour of being in the house, co-dweller Tully quickly pointed out to Tim himself that he needs to speak over everyone so as to hear himself.  Throw in bleached blonde (hair and teeth) Caleb who rocked up in a shirt missing both sleeves (I’m tempted to assume he tore them off out of pure boganism before entering the house) and mum-of-three Sharon, who is working a decent set of Madonna arms and professed to wanting to ‘(s)mother painfully awkward Ben’ and we’ve already got a set of housemates who’ve clearly made an impression for all the wrong reasons.

The Second Twist.  Yawn.  A couple, yet to enter the house, have to convince the housemates they are actually a married couple.  Yawn.  Remember the mother/daughter twist?  Remember the twins twist?  What’s next?  A female housemate who’s really a dude….wait…we’ve also been there too.

The Twitter Airings. Where The Block was great for including it’s viewers in aired broadcasting viewers tweets, last nights Big Brother found it necessary to publish tweets from David Campbell (Sonia Kruger’s morning show co-host) proclaiming how beautiful she looked and tweets from last seasons housemates complaining about this years housemates.  Where are the tweets calling out Tim as a big idiot (nice word) or the tweets that wanted to know why Tahan would choose a dress to wear that clearly she was poured into, that flooded my twitter stream last night?

The New Diary Room Chair.  It’s made from Kylie’s gold hot pants she wore in that ‘Spinning Around’ video right?


New Season: Australia’s Next Top Model

                                          New Host Jennifer Hawkins

There’s new judges, new contestants and a new host in an all new season of Australia’s Next Top Model airing tonight on FOX8 at 7:30pm.

New host Jennifer Hawkins, who next year, celebrates 10 years since wining the Miss Universe title, has taken over the role left vacant by previous host, Sarah Murdoch.

Joining Hawkins on the judging panel are the regular (and possibly freshened) faces of Charlotte Dawson and designer Alex Perry along with new judge, model Didier Cohen.  Says Cohen “winning has more to do with street smarts than looks” and states that contestants who treat the industry like a business, network and treat others with respect will go far.

Tonight’s first episode will see the top 50 head into a ‘convict boot camp’ before two mass eliminations take place, quickly dwindling down the numbers of wannabe models.  We’ll also see a make-up free head-shot photo shoot take place *cue tears*.

Australia’s Next Top Model premiere’s tonight on FOX8 at 7:30pm

Make sure you follow me of twitter for my live tweets during the show!

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The Block Sky High Judging Twist

Contestants Matt and Kim

In a shock judging twist, The Block Sky High will see contestants judge and score each other’s living/dining rooms tonight in a My Kitchen Rules type situation.

It was revealed last night, that along with the actual judges scores, teams will also have their say on how many points each team should receive for their efforts.  The twist comes after weeks of couples complaining about judges scoring and how fair the scoring system has been especially when it comes to design versus workmanship on rooms.

Western Australian couple Matt and Kim, who after last nights first reveal scores are on the verge of their first room win, were the most vocal about the shock decision stating that the divide between the teams will see nothing but a popularity vote for each other (Matt and Kim have openly allied themselves with twins Alysa and Lyssandra).

“I hate it, particularly because we’re in front by half a point,” says Kim. “That means the contestants votes can stop us winning. I’m really annoyed.

“The hard thing is, we haven’t won a room yet, but we have come close. And we’re winning and it’s like they’re going to take it from us!”

Penthouse couple Trixie and Johnno were also unimpressed.

“Trix and I were thinking, ‘I never once asked to be a judge!'” Johnno explains. “At times we don’t understand where they get some of the scores from, but I never wanted to be a judge — I think it’s a really tough job.”

Trixie also points out that all the judges are neutral — but what’s to stop each contestant voting strategically, awarding more points to their friends?

Quick to respond, host Scott Cam stated “That’s not how the judges do it”.

Just how will the teams judge and score each other?  Will teams score fairly especially knowing how scores are currently sitting after two judges scores have been revealed?  All will come to a head tonight at 7pm on Nine.

Ratings Wars: House Rules vs The Block

House Rules’ Chester Drife

The end of dominant reality show The Voice has begun to take effect on other channel 9 shows with viewers quickly moving onto other networks and other rival shows.

For the first time since launch, Channel 7’s House Rules beat out channel 9’s The Block with 1.159 million viewers tuning into 7’s house renovating show, beating out The Blocks 1.130 million.

The slow start for House Rules is now a distant memory for the 7 network with the show now constantly rating extremely well.  Some viewers have stated the overt-drama and outright nastiness between competing couples is what have turned them off this season of The Block.

Also suffering for Channel 9 is Celebrity Apprentice.  Last night’s challenge episode didn’t even make the top 20 in ratings while the boardroom showdown only managed just shy of 600,000 viewers.

Embarrassing Bodies; The Down Under Version

Embarrssing Bodies Doctors; Dr. Dawn, Dr. Christian and Dr. Pixie

There’s no denying that UK based medical reality show Embarrassing Bodies is addictive TV viewing.  The show which gives us the chance to witness the embarrassing lumps and bumps and rashes and gashes of the everyday person (sometimes through closed eyes) has garnered itself a mild cult following among viewers….and it’s coming to Australia.

Titled Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (I’m sure there’s a pun to be had there) is being commissioned by Foxtel for the Lifestyle YOU channel and is currently filming outside Parramatta Town Hall (today May 28th and tomorrow Wednesday May 28th).

UK host Dr Christian Jessen will be joined by three Australian doctors.

“The first stop is Parramatta, with the clinic located outside the Town Hall on Church Street, Parramatta. Potential patients can simply drop in for a consultation with one of the doctors. Alternatively, they can head to the website for more details:”

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