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Mego Corp Making a Comeback in 2018?


Mego Meet is a yearly event where fans of the vintage toy company meet, talk, trade and sell Mego related from 8″ figures of Superman and Wonder Woman to 12″ dolls of 70’s icons Cher and Farrah Fawcett and everything in between.  The 14th annual Mego Meet took place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio where the special guest was Mego President Marty Abrams whom recently featured in the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us – Star Trek episode.

At the event, Abrams talked about the history of Mego but more importantly, offered those in attendance a little glimpse into the future of Mego Corporation noting that the company will be back with a range of 8″ figures along with a slew of new licences.  Abrams kept most of what to expect a secret with all being revealed on June 16th where Abrams will be at the Long Island Comic Con though the company’s Facebook page recently showcased Mego’s new updated logo…


In the late 70’s to early 80’s Mego Corporation experienced both the highs and lows of the toy industry – having the number one selling doll in 1976 with their hugely popular Cher Doll line dressed in Bob Mackie fashions along with being the sixth-ranked American toy manufacturer, based on retail sales the same year.  By 1982 however, Mego was filing for bankruptcy – some of which could be attributed to passing up the Star Wars toy licence that eventually went to Kenner.

To this day, Mego toy lines are incredibly popular with collectors paying top dollar for mint condition superhero figures and the 12″ celebrity dolls.

Will the revamped Mego Corporation pick up where they left off with nods to their vintage collectible lines of superheroes and celebrity dolls or will they start fresh with a completely new concept?  The official announcement of Mego’s return will take place on Saturday June 16th.


Sonya and Hadil Revealed as MKR Booted Contestants.

Hadil goes on the attack in tonight’s MKR.  Image: Channel 7

“Assholes!”  It’s the final vitriolic word screamed out across the table from My Kitchen Rules contestant Sonya before judges Pete Evans and Manu Fidel stepped in to defuse the situation by finally kicking Sonya and Hadil from the Ultimate Instant Restaurant table.

That shocking moment had been milked for advertising the show by the 7 network even before the current series had started back in January of this year and was the final blow up event that had been building up between the Jordanian besties and sisters Emma and Jess over the course of the year.

After a minor altercation the night prior at Henry and Anna’s ‘super instant restaurant’ in Tasmania, tensions between the two teams came to an explosive conclusion when Sonya and Hadil went on the attack once again, with their sights set firmly on the sisters.

Starting off with under-the-breath-but-loud-enough-for-all-to-hear quips about the sisters still being in the competition it wasn’t long before Emma and Jess had stopped biting their tongues and bit back leaving other teams stunned silent.

Pete and Manu were clearly unimpressed by the antics.  Image: Channel 7

Stella, Jazzey and Josh even attempted to step in and call out Sonya and Hadil for their poor behavior before finding themselves on the receiving end of a tongue lashing resulting in Sonya stating “I will come for you, and you and you” pointing her witchy poo finger at the three.

Meanwhile, poor Kim and Suong, the night’s cooks, are left standing in the kitchen unable to serve their quickly cooling mains as the drama unfolded.

Kim and Suong are forced to wait to serve their mains.  Image: Channel 7

It was only when Jess had excused herself from the table and Sonya began to call everyone a bunch of “assholes” that judges stepped in and removed Sonya and Hadil not only from the table, reminding the teams that the focus should be on the cooking and not the drama.

So will Sonya and Hadil be back for the next Ultimate Instant Restaurant?  Find out on the next episode of My Kitchen Rules!

Sound off in the comment section about your thoughts on Sonya and Hadil’s booting from MKR!


Soul Calibur 6 Is Finally Coming in 2018


Bandai Namco’s popular fighting series Soul Calibur is making a surprise return for a sixth outing due for release in 2018 with the game studio making the announcement during 2017 The Game Awards.

Soul Calibur’s last outing was in 2012 with Soul Calibur V (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) so for fans, this news has been a long time coming and it’s just in time for the series 20th anniversary.

Watch the reveal trailer below:

Bandai Namco’s weapons-based fighting game series began life as an arcade game called Soul Edge in December 1995 before being ported to the original PlayStation in December 1996 with its sequel –  ‘Soul Calibur’ – releasing in mid-1998.

The 3D fighting game is known for its very smooth game play, crisp graphics and almost endless amount of character customization – all of which are sure to continue with next years Soul Calibur VI.