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Grab the bolly sweetie darling as the Ab Fab Movie trailer drops!


Looking set to be one of the most cameo filled movies ever released, the Absolutely Fabulous movie has fans gagging with glee at the official release of the movie’s trailer which dropped 10am Wednesday, UK time.

With the principal cast of Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalaha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield all returning to their much loved roles, series regulars including former spice girl Emma ‘baby spice’ Bunton, Lulu, Dawn French and Stella McCartney are back along with possibly the longest list of cameo appearances ever to appear in a movie.  Names including Kate Moss, Joan Collins, Gwendoline Christie, Chris Colfer, Daisy Lowe, Jerry Hall, Perez Hilton, Lily Cole and Rylan Clark a listed in a myriad of around 60 confirmed cameo’s throughout the film.

The movie, set in present time, follows PR Maven Edwina (Saunders) and her long standing best friend and jaded/faded model Patsy Stone (Lumley) as they deal with the fallout and ensuing media frenzy from an ‘incident’ at a fashion launch party (i.e – Edwina accidentally pushes Kate Moss off a balcony to her death) which see’s the two flee to the French Riviera and set forth a plan to reclaim to jet setting life they once had.

Check out the brand new trailer below!

The Absolutely Fabulous movie is set for release in cinemas July 1st in the UK while us Aussies have to wait until August 11th!

Jennifer Saunders on the Absolutely Fabulous Movie

Jennifer Saunders as Edina Monsoon; PR Extraordinaire

So, just where on the script to screen scale is the big screen version of comedy classic Absolutely Fabulous?  Well according to creator, writer and star Jennifer Saunders, it’s still in the writing phase.

Always one to suffer from procrastination, Saunders has revealed she is undergoing hypnotherapy in an attempt to overcome her wayward mind and finish the script for the long delayed film.

Speaking at The Independent Bath Literature Festival, Saunders revealed that the movie version of Ab Fab “is going to happen” and “I’m writing it now; I have a deadline for the treatment.”

Well it’s a good start!

Source: The Independent  

Get The Bolly! The AbFab Movie is Happening!


It’s been a long time coming, Joanna Lumley continuously says it’s happening and it’s shot down many many times by Jennifer Saunders, but over this past weekend, creator/writer/star Jennifer Saunders confirmed she is planning to bring boozy PR Guru Edina Monsoon, Fashion Forward Patsy Stone and the rest of the Absoultely Fabulous gang to the big screen.

Speaking on to Jonathan Ross on The Jonathan Ross Show, Saunders revealed a bet between herself and Dawn French has resulted in plans for a script to be written.  This comes after a small screen revival in 2012 which saw 3 one-off episodes air and countless admissions from Joanna Lumley that not only is the script being written but that she’s keen for it to happen.

But why the delay?

Jennifer mentions to Jonathan and in her book (which I’m currently reading and is a good read!) the fear she has in playing with something that is so well adored by fans and the possibility of screwing it up (see Kath & Kimderella)

Watch Jennifer Saunders speak to Jonathan Ross below about Ab Fab, the bet with Dawn French and why it’s taken so long to bring the show to the big screen.

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