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Stars Hit Melbourne for SupaNova Expo 2016

Amy Acker of Angel and Alias

Once again, it’s that time of year when the pop culture obsessed join forces with cosplayers and celebrities alike to attend the Melbourne leg of the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

Having packed up and moved from last weekends Gold Coast location, Supernova begins this Friday April 15th with the annual preview night before kicking off Saturday morning at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Guests this year include Game of Thrones Jack Gleeson (Joffrey), Adrienne Palicki (G.I Joe Retaliation), Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s Island) and Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter) among a myriad of other sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture stars, artists and authors.

Click here for a full list of attendees.

There also seems to be a change to the way attendees can purchase autograph and photo op tokens this year with the option to pre-purchase these tokens online via the official Supanova website all but eliminating the excruciatingly long line that had become a standard of Supanova to buy those tokens.

Check out the autograph and photo op pre-purchase page here 

To follow all the action make sure you follow the #Supanova hash tag on Instagram and twitter!

Supanova Pop Culture expo hits Melbourne this weekend April 15th to 18th at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Comic Talk: An Original X-Men Member Comes Out


In collection of leaked panels from this weeks newest issue of All New X-Men #40, Bobby Drake aka X-Men’s original team member Iceman is outed by fellow original member Jean Grey after picking up on his ‘over-compensation of comments on his other female team members’.


Bobby’s ‘outing’ isn’t so…well straight forward.  This version of Iceman is actually from the past who has traveled to current time with Cyclops, Beat, Jean and Angel to help fight alongside the current team.  The news now begs one to ask if the modern era version of Iceman is gay too?  His relationships with Mystique, Polaris and Psylocke suggest no, but could younger Iceman’s appearance shatter perceived images?


Back in 2012, Marvel made headlines by publishing the first gay marriage in superhero comics with the union between Northstar and his parnter Kyle Jinadu to which garnered general positive reactions from fans.