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Cancelled: The Carrie Diaries and More from the CW Network


Looks like we’ll never get to really find out what happens to Carrie Bradshaw in those years between high school and her column in The New York Starr as the CW network finally announced they have pulled the pin on the Sex and the City prequel series.

The series which debuted two years ago followed a young Carrie Bradshaw (played by AnnaSophia Robb) in her teen years, struggling to find a balance between home life, romance and her aspirations of a successful writing career in New York.  The show never really reached the ratings highs the network had hoped for nor caught the interest of fans of the original series and most were genuinely surprised when the show was renewed for a second season.

The sad part is, the show was cancelled just as opportunities arose to really develop Carrie’s Manhattan back story with season two closing out with Carrie saying goodbye to home life in Connecticut to embark on a new life in New York.

Two other shows – The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed have also suffered the same fate and will not return for a second season, though The 100, Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast will return.

The CW’s full schedule including a complete list of cancellations, renewals and premiere shows will be announced next week. 

The Carrie Diaries, The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed all aired on FOX8 through Foxtel here in Australia.

Is This The End For The Carrie Diaries?

AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw

This Tuesday (Feb 11th) will see FOX8’s The Carrie Diaries season two finale air, and among all the questions that need answering, the biggest question is, will the show be back for a third season?  The show, based off the popular Sex and The City, follows a young Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) in the 1980’s, attending high school while trying to make her mark in Manhattan.

Where the first season focused on introducing Carrie, her sister Dorrit, father Tom and her friends and an emerging life in Manhattan working for Interview Magazine, the show’s second season offered up more mature themes including an AIDS scare, unwanted pregnancy, Carrie moving up at Interview magazine and introduced a young Samantha Jones (played to perfection by Lindsay Gort).

Season two felt more like the Sex and the City we knew yet still keeping issues and topics relevant to the younger audience that were watching.

Without giving too much away, the second season finale wraps up a lot of story-lines and characters leaving season three as a blank canvas for Carrie and her life in Manhattan allowing the show to bring in new characters and bring in Sex and the City characters Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbs, but with dwindling ratings in the US, there is talk Carrie may not be back for a third season (the fact we even got a second season still bewilders most).

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 finale airs Tuesday 8:30pm on FOX8


The Carrie Diaries season 2 Premiere Date Announced

Austin Butler and Anna-Sophia Robb

After what seemed an eternity and what was also one of the surprise renewals of the year, The Carrie Diaries is finally back for a second season, and we won’t have long to wait to see what Carrie and friends are up to!

It’s the summer of 1985, and, for the first time, 17-year-old Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) can call Manhattan home. After her boyfriend Sebastian (Austin Butler) and best friend Maggie (Katie Findlay) betrayed her, Carrie is happy to accept the offer to spend the summer living in the downtown loft apartment of her Interview magazine boss Larissa (Freema Agyeman). But as summer turns to fall and Carrie heads into her senior year, she and her friends and family discover that letting go of old loves and embracing new dreams comes with some tough new realities but also incredible new opportunities.

This season will also bring us our first glimpse at a young Samantha Jones (Lindsay Gort)  “Through a surprising connection, our young Carrie Bradshaw will meet one of the most important people in her life this season in a role made iconic by Kim Cattrall: Samantha Jones, a ballsy, beautiful and sexy young woman from the panhandle of Florida who has made her way — and already a name for herself — in the rock ’n’ roll scene of 1980s NYC.”

Season two premiere of The Carrie Diaries is set to begin Tuesday October 29th at 8.30pm on Fox8