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Schapelle Tele-movie Given Air Date

Krew Boylan and Jacinta Stapleton as Schapelle Corby and Mercedes Corby for the Channel 9 show Source: Supplied

To this day, the story of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is one of the most opinion driven news stories, splitting people right down the middle.  There’s those who believe she’s guilty and then there’s the Corby supporters who firmly believe she is innocent.  The story was front page of newspapers and magazines Australia wide and spawned a slew of tell-all books, all claiming to have the truth.

Now, the telemovie based off the book Sins of the Father: The Untold Story Behind Schapelle Corby’s Ill-fated Drug Run by investigative journalist Eamonn Duff (and widely criticised by pro Corby fanatics as being a load of bull plop) has been turned into a telemovie for channel 9 starring Krew Boylan and Jacinta Stapleton.

First Preview and Filming Issues For Schapelle Telemovie

Coming Soon: Schapelle The Movie

So when will this be hitting our televisions?  Channel 9 announced, the Schapelle telemovie will air Monday night, Feb 10th @ 8:30pm – right after The Block!

Will you be watching?

First Preview of Nine’s Schapelle Corby Movie

Krew Boylan will play convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in the Channel 9 telemovie Schapelle. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

The first preview of Channel 9’s movie based off the Schapelle Corby drug smuggler saga has been released and while it’s filled with some well known and respected Australian actors, there’s one thing in the preview that has me scratching my head…

Check out the preview below:

So what is it that has me irked?


I’m not really one to be on either side of the Corby argument.  Did she do it, is she innocent?  There’s so many versions of events, I think the only people that would really REALLY know the true story here is Schapelle and her family, so I find it odd that channel 9 would offer up something they believe to be so definitive in truth.

Filming for the movie hasn’t been easy for cast and crew with production only wrapping in late November after filming in the Gold Coast.  The production had to use a fake movie title “Doc McGhee” to avoid attacks on the star cast and crew from angry Corby supporters who believe the movie’s origins are a complete farce (The movie is based off ‘Sins of the Father: The Untold Story Behind Schapelle Corby’s Ill-fated Drug Run‘ a book by investigative journalist Eamonn Duff).  Star Krew Boylan also found herself a target from Corby supporters who labeled her as ‘prostituting her talents’ for taking on the lead role.

Schapelle: The Movie will air later this year on Channel 9

New Details Revealed on Schapelle Telemovie

Krew Boylan will play convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in the Channel 9 telemovie Schapelle. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

Earlier this year I wrote about Channel 9’s plans to bring to our televisions a telemovie based on the highly controversial story of convicted drug mule Schapelle Corby.  To date, it still remains one of the most read posts on TVNOW and the topic still brings out the divide between Corby’s supporters and non believers.  Now, new details have emerged on what we will be seeing when the telemovie airs next year.

Based on the arrest, trial and conviction of Schapelle Corby in 2004-2005. A 27-year-old beauty school drop-out from the Gold Coast, Schapelle, played by actress Krew Boylan, was arrested at Bali airport with 4.2kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag. At first, Schapelle’s arrest was barely noticed by the Australian media, but once photographs were published it sparked a media frenzy and attracted a cast of colourful characters who came to her aid, including sister Mercedes (Jacinta Stapleton), mother Ros (Denise Roberts), father Mick (Colin Friels), and her ‘white knights’ mobile phone mogul ‘Mad Ron’ Bakir (Les Chantery) and Gold Coast lawyer Robin Tampoe (Vince Colosimo). Also prominent in her story are Foreign Minister Alexander Downer (Francis Greenslade) and Australian Federal Police boss Mick Keelty (Michael Croaker). Schapelle avoided the death penalty but was sentenced to 20 years in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison.

Schapelle is set to air on channel 9 in 2014.

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Coming Soon: Schapelle The Movie

Image courtsey of nine.com.au

It was the biggest Australian news story to break in late 2004 and to this day, it is a story that still captures national headlines. Queensland beauty therapist Schapelle Corby was arrested in Bali with a boogie bag filled with marijuana and was sentenced to life imprisonment in a a Bali jail, and later this year, the television movie version is due to hit our screens.

From Channel Nine’s Website: “On October 8, 2004, Corby, a beauty therapist from the Gold Coast, was caught in Bali with a boogie board bag full of marijuana. Her arrest captivated and intrigued a nation. But what really happened on that fateful day? Why did she do it? And who was behind it all? 

Schapelle lifts the lid on what went on behind the headlines. It’s a story packed with amazing characters, bizarre twists and intrigue at the highest level. Inspired by the bestseller Sins of the Father by investigative journalist Eamonn Duff, Schapelle will bring to the screen the captivating story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated trip to Bali. 

Schapelle is a must-see telemovie in 2013 from FremantleMedia, producers of the critically acclaimed The King, Killing Time and Devil’s Dust.

The news of this movie made headlines in Dec 2012 with focus on the fury of the Corby family regarding this creation as they believe “it is based on a book they say paints Schapelle in the wrong light.”  Eamonn Duff’s book on the case and the one used as ‘inspiration’ for the telemovie, was the third book published in relation to the case and is being touted as being the most critical.  How this plays into the final outcome of the movie is yet to be known.  No cast has officially been named, but there were talks late last year that actress Abbie Cornish was tipped to take the role of Corby.

Schapelle is set to air on the Nine Network later this year.