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The Block Sky High: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The Block Sky High Contestants and Winners Alisa and Lysandra

After 6 levels of renovating, countless toilets, buckets of bitchiness and what seems like a stretched out eternity, we finally have some winners of The Block Sky High.

South Australian twins Alisa and Lysandra (I still can’t tell the two apart – and it’s been like 3 months) come out trumps after selling their first floor apartment for $1.435 million ($295,000 over reserve price) thus netting themselves a further $100,000 prize money.

Unlike The Block All Stars (Last season saw All Stars Mark and Duncan only win $25,000 – granted, they did have porcelain animal heads in their main toilet….) every couple walked away with over $200,000 in their pockets for all their hard work and by hard work I mean sneaky tactics, witchy-poo finger pointing, baseless accusations of copycat cheating and the wearing of really really bad hipster glasses.

Viewer favourites Melbourne couple Bec and George netted themselves $242,000.

The Block will be back next year for another 2 seasons (standard and another all-stars) along with Scott Cam, Shelly Craft and foreman Keith.




The Block Sky High Judging Twist

Contestants Matt and Kim

In a shock judging twist, The Block Sky High will see contestants judge and score each other’s living/dining rooms tonight in a My Kitchen Rules type situation.

It was revealed last night, that along with the actual judges scores, teams will also have their say on how many points each team should receive for their efforts.  The twist comes after weeks of couples complaining about judges scoring and how fair the scoring system has been especially when it comes to design versus workmanship on rooms.

Western Australian couple Matt and Kim, who after last nights first reveal scores are on the verge of their first room win, were the most vocal about the shock decision stating that the divide between the teams will see nothing but a popularity vote for each other (Matt and Kim have openly allied themselves with twins Alysa and Lyssandra).

“I hate it, particularly because we’re in front by half a point,” says Kim. “That means the contestants votes can stop us winning. I’m really annoyed.

“The hard thing is, we haven’t won a room yet, but we have come close. And we’re winning and it’s like they’re going to take it from us!”

Penthouse couple Trixie and Johnno were also unimpressed.

“Trix and I were thinking, ‘I never once asked to be a judge!'” Johnno explains. “At times we don’t understand where they get some of the scores from, but I never wanted to be a judge — I think it’s a really tough job.”

Trixie also points out that all the judges are neutral — but what’s to stop each contestant voting strategically, awarding more points to their friends?

Quick to respond, host Scott Cam stated “That’s not how the judges do it”.

Just how will the teams judge and score each other?  Will teams score fairly especially knowing how scores are currently sitting after two judges scores have been revealed?  All will come to a head tonight at 7pm on Nine.

House Rules Fights Back in Ratings

VIC Contestants and brothers Nick and Chris

Channel 7’s answer to The Block may have finally found it’s audience after an embarrassing start to the home renovation reality show.

After debuting last Tuesday with a meager 806,000 viewers (It was easily beat by Channel 9’s The Block Sky High and The Voice) and dropping to an all time low of 687,000 viewers on Thursday night, House Rules Monday night episode finally cracked the 1 million viewers mark with the show’s First House Reveal episode.

So why are now viewers tuning in?  The Voice and The Block Sky High are still holding top spot but are not reaching the same highs as earlier seasons and both renovation shows are only partly overlapping in schedule timing.

One could argue that Seven’s decision to schedule recaps of the series across its weekend programming may have helped but my guess is the change in programming of 9’s The Voice, now only being aired on Monday nights (clearly to stretch out the series as possible) has actually helped House Rules boost it’s ratings numbers.

House Rules is a fun watch and is a new twist on the the home renovation show competitions, but after a weeks worth of viewings, i’m hardly rooting for ANY couple to win the coveted prize of having their entire mortgage paid off.

The casting department have single-handedly managed to wrangle a bunch of highly unlikable couples to take part in the competition.  Between overbearing wives, know-it-all husbands and two bully brothers, most of the couples on House Rules seem extremely undeserving of such a reward.

My advice, watch the show for resident build supervisor Chester Drife.  He’s the good-looking and nice guy version of The Block’s foreman Keith!

Check your local listings for when House Rules is airing next on Channel 7.

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The Block Fires First Shot In Renovator Show War

Contestants Alisa and Lysandra Fraser
                                                                                  PICTURE: ANDREW TAUBER ADELAIDENOW

No one can deny the power of Channel 9’s The Block series.  After the All Stars series brought strong ratings earlier this year for the network, 9 were quick to follow up with the latest series The Block Sky High which premiered last night to strong ratings.

1.31 million viewers nationally tuned in to the new series which has upped the challenge on your bog-standard home/apartment renovating show and has now moved into an old apartment block Melbourne, where each couple have an entire floor to complete over an 11 week period.

How will Channel 7’s version titled House Rules stack up?  The two shows have very similar formats. House Rules, hosted by Johanna Griggs and from the makers of My Kitchen Rules, gets six state-based teams to renovate each other’s homes.The Block Sky High, hosted by Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, features five state-based teams that turn a five-storey South Melbourne hotel into luxury apartments.

Apparently Channel 7 are so confident in their own show, Rules has been scheduled up against Sky High three nights a week and are hoping to nab upwards of 500,000 viewers from 9.  That said, The Block, an established series, has it’s dedicated fans and is bringing in new viewers on a series basis.  Sevens Rules is a new show that isn’t starting until Tuesday night.

My call: Viewers are going to stick with The Block.  Seven will try and keep beating the dead donkey but before series end, Rules will be relegated to either 7Mate or will run back-to-back episodes on a weekend.

The Block Sky High airs Sundays through Thursdays at 7pm on 9

House Rules premiere’s Tuesday May 14th at 7.30pm on 7

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