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First Look: Homeland Season 4 Trailer

Carrie (Claire Danes) is minus the baby bump when Showtimes Homeland resumes in October. Source: Provided

 Showtime has just dropped the the first look trailer for Homeland’s eagerly awaited fourth season and judging by the promo, it looks like things are starting to get back to the Homeland we knew and loved.

Well sort of.

Let’s not forget now that shocking season three finale which saw Brody (Damian Lewis) hanged while Carrie (Claire Danes) looked on in horror, unable to save the man she loves, so obviously, there’ll be no Brody this time round!

 Check out the trailer below.

As you can see, Carrie is back at work with the CIA but you’re also probably wondering about her being pregnant and all right?

Showrunner Alex Gansa revealed to Entertainment Weekly recently that Season 4 picks up six months after we left off. Carrie has had the baby, but they’d “rather not give away where the kid is, but … one of the reasons [Carrie has] found herself in Afghanistan and Pakistan is it’s a place where you’re disallowed from bringing a dependent.”

One can only assume Carrie’s sister may have taken to looking after the baby while Carrie is off in Afghanistan doing what she does best.

Are you excited about Homeland’s return?  Will it be the same without Brody and his relationship with Carrie?  Sound off in the comments below!

Homeland Season 4 premieres October 5 on Showtime with Channel 10 expected to fast-track shortly thereafter!

Review: Extant Pilot Episode

Halle Berry as Molly Watts in Extant. Source: Provided

After watching the pilot for Halle Berry’s new Extant, there’s no denying that Sci-fi stalwart Steven Spielberg (Extant’s executive producer) has happily put his fingerprints all over this intriguing project.  With hits like Close Encounters of the Third Kind to A.I: Artificial Intelligence, Spielberg has created a neat little niche that when done right, is done really right.  

Berry is back on our screens for this first time since 1991 (she was in the Dallas spin-off Knots Landing) playing astronaut Molly Watts who, after returning from a 13 month solo space mission, discovers she’s pregnant.  A case of immaculate conception or something more paranormal? This piece of surprising news for Molly pushes us right back to her solo space mission where we see clues littered about that may or may not offer up some answers.

As noted earlier, Spielberg has his fingers all over this project and themes of robotic children assimilating into society (just like A.I) are explored, namely with Molly and her husband John (ER’s Goran Visnjic) who, unable to conceive naturally, have their very own mechanical and somewhat creepy son named Ethan (Looper’s Pierce Gagnan) who goes from being sweet and adorable to asking to have his batteries recharged and then off to practice his facial emotions in the mirror.

The future that Extant offers up is a very clean cut, simplistic and technologically advanced future, but this future is nothing not seen in Minority Report and other like movies/tv shows and the battery operated child is a little more Chucky than A.I’s David who just wanted to be loved.  In the end, Extant is a little bit Aliens and a little bit A.I mixed together with a dose of Rosemary’s Baby.  It’s watchable and sure, some of the situations are laughable (Molly wanting to completely ignore the fact she somehow got pregnant while in space) but Extant does deliver a hefty dose of “what just happened?

Extant premieres tonight, Channel 10 at 8:30pm.


Does GLEE Still Have an Audience?

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) Cuddle Up in the Glee Season 5 Finale -Source Provided

Does anyone still watch Glee anymore?  It’s a fair question to ask now that the phenomenon that was once everywhere and totally unavoidable has seemed to slowly fade away and die off.  The show that gave us the term ‘Gleeks’ and were constantly featured in the iTunes singles and album charts and even gave us a 3D concert movie now no longer seems to have the pulling power it once had.

In America, the season 5 finale drew only 1.9 million viewers (in it’s hey day – season 2, Glee was pulling in over 12 million viewers) and was even beaten by the finale of the CW’s The Originals.  So dire are the ratings that Fox Entertainment chairman KevinReilly stated that they plan to trim Glee’s final season from it’s standard 22 episodes to just 13.

Here in Australia, the musical comedy drew big ratings for network ten, but now, 5 seasons on, the show has been relegated to the channel’s second station – Eleven, with the season 5 finale airing tomorrow night, May 16th at 7:30pm.

Remember the last time Glee appeared in the iTunes charts?

So the question begs to be asked.  What happened?  Have audiences grown too old for the show?  Did Glee jump the shark somewhere along the way?  Could the death of star Cory Monteith play a part in people turning off?

Either way, die-hard Gleeks will be happy to know that they still have at a minimum another 13 episodes for the final season.

GLEE season 6 story line speculation


What do you think?  Is it time for Gleeks to close the curtain for the final time?

Renewed: Mike and Molly, The Good Wife and a Whole Bunch More

Channel 7 drama Criminal Minds will be back for another season

Just a day after American network CBS renewed The Big Bang Theory for another three years, the network went ahead and renewed a whole bunch of their other shows currently on air.

Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS Entertainment released a statement and said, “The best way to launch new shows in the fall and throughout the season is to surround them with a strong and stable lineup of successful series. The shows we’re picking up today cut across every night of the week and feature genre leaders, time period winners and the most-watched shows on broadcast television.”

So what will be coming back to our screens?


“NCIS” – Network 10
“NCIS: Los Angeles” – Network 10
“Person Of Interest” – Channel 9
“CSI” – Channel 9
“Blue Bloods” – Network 10
“Criminal Minds” – Channel 7
“Elementary” – Network 10
“The Good Wife” – Network 10
“Hawaii Five-O” – Network 10


“Mike & Molly” – Channel 9
“Mom” – Soon to Channel 9
“Two And A Half Men” – Channel 9
“The Millers” – TBA
“Two Broke Girls” – Channel 9

The Amazing Race and Survivor have also been given the go ahead for a further season.

As we head further into pilot season, expect to hear more from other networks about renewals, pick ups and cancellations!


Secrets And Lies: Number One Suspect

Taking off: Martin Henderson and Diana Glenn as the Gundelach family in Secrets & Lies.

One never thinks reporting the finding of a dead body could ever lead them to being named as the number one suspect, but that is exactly what happens to Ben Gundelach (Martin Henderson) in tonight’s brand new drama Secrets and Lies on Channel 10.

Thom Murnane (Hunter Stratton Boland), a child well known to Ben and his family has been found murdered and dumped leads to Ben’s life spiraling out of control as Detective Sargeant Ian “The Vulture” Cornielle (Anthony Hayes) places significant pressure on him as the state’s number one suspect in the murder.

As the investigation unfolds, it becomes evident that everybody has their own secrets and lies…

Set in Brisbane, this six part series is gripping and enthralling and will have you questioning as to who is telling the truth and who is trying desperately to hide their lies.

To keep viewers watching and to keep in trend with viewers watching while online, Network Ten are including a multi-platform integration with Secrets and Lies including partnering with Zeebox (users will have access to additional footage, images and audio files during the broadcast) and a Secrets and Lies Website offering a prequel webisode and additions to police interviews and suspect bios all designed to help the viewers work through evidence gathered and attempt to unlock the killer behind the crime.  TenPlay will also offer catch-up episodes and behind the scenes footage while Twitter and Facebook followers will be given hints and tips while each episode airs.

So is Secrets and Lies enthralling?  Completely.  Martin Henderson, Anthony Hayes, Adrienne Pickering, Diana Glenn and even the younger cast are all impressive and offer solid performances.

Just who did kill young Thom Murnane?

Secrets and Lies premieres tonight, Channel 10 at 8:30pm.

More Details on Modern Family’s Australia Episode


So what exactly is it that brings the extended Pritchett family to Australia for a special Modern Family episode?  Australian heritage!

It turns out Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) is claiming to be part Australian because his late mother gave birth to him here while on a stopover and Phil convinces wife Claire and the entire extended family to join him on a trip to Australia to discover more about his Aussie heritage – which also includes a severe allergic reaction to Vegemite.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald who were on set checking out filming yesterday, the script is sprinkled with “what presumably Americans think Australians sound like; a strangulated cockney ‘accent’ – “oooooiiiirrright moite'”

It seems radio personality and former Australia’s Got Talent judge Kyle Sandilands was approached to appear but turned the offer down (because he said he isn’t an actor) while Cate Blanchett had scheduling conflicts from taking up an offer presented to her.  New Zealand actor Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords) will be seen as a Kiwi talk-show host while soapie stock Peter Phelps (Stingers) will be playing a ‘crocodile dundee’ inspired character.

Filming is currently taking place in Sydney before moving off to Hamilton Island and the Great Barrier Reef for two more days of filming.

For more photos of the Modern Family cast in Australia, check out PopSugar 

Wonderland wonders in “I wonder why land”

Megan Gale and co-star Daniel Dorman on the set of Channel 10 drama “Wonderland” at the Blue Beat Jazz club in Double Bay. Pictures: Bradley Hunter Source: News Limited

Channel 10 sure know how to keep a dead horse running.  Still, you have to give it to them though. Apparently the 600,000+ viewers they’re nabbing for Aussie drama Wonderland is impressive enough for them to continue with production of the show.

While the first handful of episodes grabbed enough viewers (just shy of the 1 million mark) for the drama to beat out Big Brother, the show is now regularly being beaten by Big Brother and Big Brother Confidential plus ABC’s Gruen Planet and Channel 7’s Slide Show.  In fact, the show doesn’t even rate in the top 20 shows for the day/night.

At present time, we can expect Wonderland to continue on, with model Megan Gale filming a guest star role recently which reportedly will air next year.

Want to watch it?  Wonderland airs 8:30pm on Wednesday nights on Channel 10 – or so I believe.



The Americans Come to Channel 10

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in The Americans

Coming soon to our television screens is the espionage spy drama The Americans, starring Brothers and Sisters  alum Matthew Rhys and Felicity star Keri Russell.

Set during the Cold War era in the early 1980’s, The Americans follows Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) who are undercover Soviet intelligence agents from the secretive Directorate S of the KGB sent to the U.S. 15 years ago to work deep cover in Washington, D.C. Their assumed identities are a married couple who run a travel agency, and even their own children Paige and Henry do not know their secret.  Things for Philip and Elizabeth become more tense as FBI Counter-Intelligence Agent Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) moves in across the street with his family.

Right from the go, The Americans plunge us into the deep underworld where Philip and Elizabeth are on a mission with Timochev, a Soviet defector they had abducted to send back to the Soviet Union, who stabs a third deep-cover agent working with them during the kidnapping.  This opening scene is fast paced, gritty and dark, and offers us a side to both Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell that most will never have seen before.

But, don’t be fooled by this opening scene.  The Americans is not a high action series.  It’s a deep and intense look at two Russian spies struggling with personal issues, dedication to their mission and honor to their country all while trying to remain undercover and away from the prying eyes of the FBI.  The pilot episode can feel somewhat slow in parts and a little dragged out.  I blame this on the high octane of that opening scene.  

So, is it worth watching?

I say yes.  Even though this show feels like it could have been a perfect fit as mini-series more-so than an ongoing serial and even if it doesn’t sounds like your type of viewing, still give it a shot.  There is some action, sex and drama.  It’s the 1980’s, so expect ‘interesting’ choices of wigs and fashions for both leads as they go about their undercover work….in the end, It’s that type of show where the heroes your’e rooting for to come out on top, are also the villains.

The Americans will premiere on Channel 10 later this year.  In the US, the show will have it’s second season premiere, Jan 20th 2014.

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