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An Open Letter to The Blocks Chantelle Part Deux


So when I wrote my first letter to The Block’s Chantelle back in Jan this year, little did I know that letter would become one of the most read posts on TVNOW to date.  It is with that, I thought I would write a follow up letter to Chantelle, that it turns out, is more of a letter to Chantelle about Steve.

Dear Chantelle from The Block Fans vs Faves,

We’re nearing the end of your journey on this current season of The Block: Fans vs Faves, and I must say, I may have unfairly judged you in my original letter to you.

You see, we didn’t really know you that well and first impressions were not that great and I feel my dissatisfaction towards the results of those elimination rounds (where yourself and Steve made it through to The Block) was unfairly directed towards you.  Spotlight shopping and Winnie The Pooh cushions aside, you have proven yourself to be quite the competitor on The Block.

You know (mostly) when to step up and get the job done, when to step back (hello Keith), have provided some interesting and pleasing design choices (living/dining) and have no qualms about using a buzz saw or getting your hands dirty.

This is where I now go back to that whole ‘misdirected issues’ part I mentioned above.  See, you seemed to have done quite well on The Block and during the elimination round and early weeks, you were front and centre leaving others to really sort of forget about your partner in crime, that of course, being Steve.

If you look at my original letter, I used the words “Steve, I think, is just along for the ride” and it’s funny, now almost 10 weeks later, that statement still rings true as when I wrote it back in January. Steve may and well put his representation as  whiny, lazy and completely clueless down to bad editing but to be honest dear Chantelle, I don’t think many people like him and his childish outbursts and acts of passive-aggressive behavior (as edited as they may be) might be bringing you down with him.

Steve’s interactions with Foreman Keith, in all honesty, actually look like Steve is 10 year old being told off by a teacher.  It’s not pretty to look.  So this is where I apologize to you for my initial outburst and say to Steve, mate, nut up champ.  Grow a pair, get your hands dirty and finish the job just like Chantelle has been doing.



P.S: I still think you won’t win The Block.

It’s Just Bad Editing: The Block’s Steve Hit’s Back

Fuming at The Block … Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford are contestants in the new season of Faves v Faves. Source: News Limited

I’ve already had my say on The Block’s Chantelle and I’ve kept my mouth (mostly) shut when it comes to her partner in crime Steve, but lately, Steve has been grinding my gears when it comes to his lack of enthusiasm, inability to multi-task and general unpleasant persona, especially when it came to finishing off the group designed common area (do we need to revisit his tanty when asked to clean the mess on the second floor?)

Well, according to Steve himself, he is the complete opposite of what we are seeing on The Block and on Monday he took to Facebook to vent his frustrations at the Nine network over the shows poor editing which he feels is making him look lazy and stupid.

I want to keep a track of this as it looks like its getting out of hand and i cant remember every fabrication.” he wrote in a post on Monday followed by a list of points he notes down.


I wonder if editing is to also blame for Chantelle’s poor taste in design ideas (though i’ll give her snaps for the bath nook in the bathroom idea) and Alisa and Lysandra coming off as less than personable?

News.com.au who first reported the story are awaiting comment from Channel 9.


An open letter to The Block’s Chantelle – TVNOW

Spotlight Shopping On The Block



My love/hate relationship with Chantelle flared again last night when in a mad dash to find over-sized curtains for the guest bedroom, saw Chantelle head to Spotlight.


For curtains in a million dollar apartment.


Head in Hands


I wouldn’t be surprised if Chantelle ended up in her own show on ARENA about million dollar apartment decorating on a $300 budget.  Would sit nicely right after Million Dollar Listing.


Meanwhile, Keith the Blockinator spent most of the episode wandering around in a daze asking for “plumbing Plans” He needs them and needed them yesterday.  Apparently he’s given all the couples more time than they really needed to design the entire plumbing and electricity layout for their apartments and he needs those “plumbing plans”

Kyal and Kara, with added halos, get their plans in, Dale and Brad the same.  Chantelle, who like me, has no idea which way is up and which way is down on a set of housing plans ended up with a big bowl of vomit on hers while the twins finally came through with theirs and judging by what they offered up to Keith, their third level terrace looks like it’s going to slay.

There’s a free bar, stripper pole, DJ booth and a racing track!

Party at the twins when this is all done.

Speaking of the twins, you know it’s not going to end well when tradies working on your apartment start arguing between themselves.  Seems like the plumber was getting all up in the Greg the builders grill and Greg ain’t got time for that.



Champagne Showers and Tradie Woes

SA’s Deb and Rick sit safely on the leaderboard after their instant kitchen

Had things gone to plan for Deb and Rick’s instant kitchen, the married duo from SA would have nabbed perfect 10’s, taken top spot on the leader board and Manu would be hog-tied in the basement.  Well, there were no 10’s, no top spot and as far as I know, Manu is safe and sound speaking French and eating delicious French food while wearing a kicky beret.

In the kitchen, the well hyped Naughty Nana Deb, ended up being a seriously Frazzled Nana in the kitchen.  Too much mustard dressing on the entrée, over thinking the main and under-cooking the first batch of cake for the desert. Good thing super Rick was there to save the day.

Best Dish of the Night: Vikki’s champagne pouring skills.  It’s clear the VIC twin has not been fortunate enough to travel to exotic places like Chloe and Kelly, where champagne flows freely (and is well poured).  The amount of head that ended up in each glass resulted in a terrible froth vs bubbly ratio and i’m pretty sure Vikki had been swigging from the bottle as she must have thought Kelly was an empty glass and proceeded to spill champagne all over her.


The Food Overall: Very home-style, family cooking.  Once again, there was nothing really complicated (though I couldn’t cook trout to save myself) and if you’re going to offer a trifle for desert, naming it after yourself should mean there is something unique about it – say maybe an eyebrow pencil in each glass?

The Final Result: Well Deb offered up a glimpse of her painted naked body to Manu – so she’s on a win for the night. Kelly ended up with a dress soaked in champagne – so we got a win too.  Most scores were pretty mid-range.  Think the two hour wait for Deb’s trifle resulted in some points being taken off.  Our saucy Nana and her savior hubby will safely continue on to the next round.

Next Up: Hopefully the ‘well traveled friends’ Chloe and Kelly are taking everyone to some glorious and fantastic location just so they can share some of the sights and tastes they have experienced in their privileged lives.  Oh, and there’s a cheating scandal too.  Shock horror!

Dale and Brad talk building options on The Block
Dale and Brad talk building options on The Block

As much as I [bagged] her out in my open letter, I really do feel for Chantelle and husband Steve.  This whole builder situation is even beginning to make me feel uneasy for them.  I could imagine nothing more worse than being two days in and still not have a builder secured for the job.

They had a builder, then they didn’t, then they had two and then they had none…oh and no plans either.  Seems builder number one went bye bye, not only with his chippie and sparky but also with the plans drawn up for the apartment.  Makes me wonder about these builders who first agree to do work with contestants and then back out.  It’s not like it’s some big surprise there’s going to be a crap load of work involved and a camera crew in your face.

But Chantelle and Steve aren’t the only one with tradie issues.  While Kyal and Kara seem pretty set to bang on without a builder (for now) they are in need of a sparky and when one arrives, this is what turns up…

The Mullet!
The Mullet!

I think Kara’s face said everything that we were all wanting to say.

I’m also noticing a lot more focus on the fan teams over the favorites.  I can’t really remember much about the boys and what they did and the girls…their plans for a floating staircase leading up to a floating office were ruined by Foreman Keith.  Something about lower beams and supports…sometimes all the building talk get’s too complicated for me.

Tuesday night’s episode is all about a shock surprise which puts all the contestants under a lot of stress.  We already know it’s the requirement of having the entire plans drafted within 24 hours.  I do think the editing department of the show really need to sit down and take a proper look at just what they’re showing us in future previews.

An Open Letter to The Block’s Chantelle

VIC couple Chantelle and Steve

Dear Chantelle from The Block Fans Vs Favorites,

You probably won’t like what I have to say, but I know that what I am about to say is an opinion backed by many. Steve and yourself should never have made it past the elimination rounds of The Block and last nights (Thursday) episode once again, cemented my belief.

When compared to the two couples who battled it out in round one of the eliminations, both you and Steve and Chris and Pascale’s efforts were dangling on the mediocre and uninspired.  While Steve, I think, is just along for the ride, you, however have proven yourself to be the queen of Scrooge McDuck shopping.

When asked to replicate the design aesthetic of a $300,000 room – Designed by Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer –  and to do so spending the least amount of money possible, your answer is to hit the thrift shops, ignore the design brief and buy a BRIGHT YELLOW WINNIE THE POOH CUSHION.  It’s no surprise that your team mate for the challenge, Kara was ready to throw your head into one of the newly scraped clean brick walls.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m all for a bargain, but trying to recreate a $300,000 room by hitting local $2 shops and believing those cushions are perfect, I mean…Chantelle, they have Winnie the Pooh on them.  As much as a favorite childhood story he is, Winnie the Pooh does not belong in a high end luxury apartment.  Never.  Ever.  Were the cushions 50% off?  Yes.  Did they provide a pop of color?  Yes.  Do they belong anywhere near this project?  NO!

Joke or no joke, it wasn’t appreciated.

I think your team-mates may have been a little too nice towards you in (mostly) biting their tongue when proudly showing off your discount wares.

It’s here I put to you, to prove us disbelievers all wrong and put forth an amazing apartment with immaculate finishes and a tasteful design aesthetic.



Update: Chantelle talks about ‘pillow gate’.  Was it a joke, bad editing or is someone trying to back-track?

Update: Read my Open Letter part Two to Chantelle