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And We Have A Winner! X Factor Delivers!

X Factor 2013 Winner Dami Im

The show ran over time by half an hour, Katy Perry performed two songs off her new album sporting some 90’s Gwen Stefani hair buns and host Luke Jacobz paused on the winners announcement for 25 minutes but we finally have an X Factor winner!

Helped along by mentor Dannii Minogue (who also did an amazing job with Dami’s transformation) Dami Im was voted (by a very wise public) as the very worthy winner of X Factor 2013!

Runner up went to a very humble Taylor Henderson, whom I’m sure we have not seen the last of.

This good news means Jai did not win!  (another nod to you, the voters!)

Dami’s winners single Alive (Didn’t Nat Bass have a single of the same title?) will be available on iTunes after the X factor finale has aired in all states.

X Factor will return next year for an all new show!


The X Factor Hits Finale Fever

X-Factors Three Finalists Dami, Jai and Taylor
Photos provided Channel 7 2013

Finals fever is in full swing for singers Dami, Jai and Taylor as they fight to earn the title of ‘winner of X-Factor Australia 2013’.  The final three were announced as the finalists last Sunday night which saw the judge made group Third Degree (and Nat Bass’s last hope) leave the competition cementing the final three.

Who should win?: I’d personally love to see Dami win.  When looking at whose music I would buy, of the three singers, Dami’s music appeals to me more.  Add into the fact she’s an incredible singer who has barely taken a wrong step this competition, will have high marketability overseas and has never found herself in the bottom two sing-off.  For a girl who was almost left out of the finals (one of Dannii’s final three chose not to take the coveted spot) and who forgot the lyrics during the process, Dami stamped herself as the one to beat after her first weeks cover of U2’s ‘One’.

Who will win?:  Jai has got the tween vote covered and he’s what Justin Bieber was 4 years ago and he’s filling that spot sorely missed by almost every teenage girl Australia wide.  It was a smart move keeping him in the competition, keep the viewers watching, but he has been constantly out sung and performed week after week and the last two weeks, he has begun to show that on a maturity level, at 14 years of age, he’s not ready for what a win will bring him.  I just hope he’ll have the support for when he does.

What about Taylor?:  I’ve loved Taylor and his music since his appearance on Australia’s Got Talent back in 2010 in which he made the finals.  Taylor’s tone is impeccable and just a dream to listen to and I would happily buy whatever he brings out, but against Dami and Jai’s supporters and his bottom two appearance last week, I’m expecting Taylor to place third.  That said, aside from some shaky starts and bouts of self doubt, has proven himself worthy of a solo career after the show.  I’d be surprised if he and his music didn’t take off after the show.  Along with Dami, he’s been a constant on the iTunes Australia singles charts.

Speaking of iTunes appearances, I have to wonder just how different the results would be if iTunes purchases were put towards votes like that of The Voice.  We already know, Taylor’s version of Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun was sitting number 1 (now currently 8th) and Dami and even Third Degree have constantly charted….just saying, why emphasize the iTunes charts if, in reality, they make no difference to voting results.

Either Dami, Jai or Taylor will be crowned this years winner of The X Factor Australia in a star studded spectacular finale on Monday at 7:30pm after the three perform for one final time on Sunday Night at 6:30 on Channel 7.


Last nights finale preview lead-up saw just how affected by nerves some of the contestants are.  Taylor Henderson managed to miss the cue for his first song, singing out of time during the first chorus before catching up only to once again, make a critical error during his final song where he completely forgot the lyrics to Damien Rice’s Blower’s Daughter.  Doesn’t matter anyway, Dami’s final performance and the final song of the night made sure everyone was talking about her.  Her rendition of I am Telling You from the Dreamgirls soundtrack was nothing short of mesmerizing.

As noted above, Dami deserves the win.  Last night should have proved it, and her possible winners single, was easily the best of the night.

Side note – The One Direction performance…prerecorded.  Not sure why or when is was filmed.

The winner is announced, tonight on Channel 7 at 7:30pm!  GO DAMI!

The Blacklist Gets Me Wiggy

Megan Boone and James Spader in The Blacklist

It’s no surprise that James Spaders’ The Blacklist (or just The Blacklist) has been confirmed as the most watched new U.S drama here in Australia.  After two weeks on air, the channel 7 drama is holding almost 1.5 million viewers thanks to a nice lead in from The X Factor.

I originally didn’t plan on giving the show a watch.  The preview trailers made it look like James Spader was playing an evil and older version of Alan Shore (Boston Legal) but I did cave in and I’m glad I did.  While it seems to follow the same format as quite a few newer shows (One case/person/story/target) per week until the show goes off air, the mystery surrounding Spader’s Raymond Reddington and his connection and interest in new recruit Elizabeth Keen is interesting enough to keep people watching.

I do have one gripe about the show now that I’m three episodes in – what the heck is going on with cc13_the-blacklistMegan Boone’s wig?  Off screen, Boone sports a short cropped do that sits just below her ears.  It’s a really cute haircut that suits her remarkably well, yet she was given a wig to wear to play the role of Agent Keen so as to make her look more professionally realistic.  The problem is, you can tell it’s a wig.  Like really tell.  At times it sits too high while in other scenes, I’m pretty sure her real hair is poking out waving at us all.  I’m actually convinced that Megan Boone’s wig needs it’s own show – right along with any former hair piece Nicholas Cage has ever worn.

I had the same issue recently while watching X Factor and finding myself wanting to reach through the television screen to nudge Dannii Minogue’s wig down an inch or two – and now I want nothing more than to do it to Megan Boone.

If I take my issues with poor wig choices aside, The Blacklist (or James Spaders’ The Blacklist as Channel 7 would have us call it) is an extremely well written and acted new drama.  There’s twists aplenty and you’ll find yourself asking why Raymond Reddington isn’t more closely watched considering the amount of times he has managed to shake the ever present FBI watching him.  Basically, I want more.  I also want to know more about Elizabeth’s fiancée.  Talk about sketchy!

The Blacklist Of James Spader (I give up) airs Monday nights on Channel 7.