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Fallout 4 DLC Content Calendar Revealed

Fallout 4_20151112202653
Fallout 4 DLC has been announced

News on Fallout 4 DLC has been pretty scarce since the games release late last year and while we knew it was coming, just how much was coming and what we would get was being kept a surprise but yesterday, Bethesda let the cat out of the bag and let us all in on what’s to come.

In an update on their blog, Bethesda revealed the first wave of DLC content, announced a price hike for season passes and confirmed that mods were in fact on their way.

The first of the three announced DLC packs titled Automatron (March 2016 release) will see players hunting the wasteland for evil robots that have been released by the mysterious Mechanist. As players go about finding and destroying these robots, we’ll be able to harvest parts and build and mod our own custom robots that we can assign as companions. From Bethesda: “Choose from hundreds of mods; mixing limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons like the all-new lightning chain gun. Even customize their paint schemes and choose their voices!

The second DLC titled Wasteland Workshop (April 2016 release) will see players literally hunting and taming their own wasteland creatures. Raiders to Mirelurks to Deathclaws, players will be able to tame them or set them off in battle against each other. The second part of this DLC looks to address one of the games biggest and most interactive features of settlement building (which I have come to love) and will include a stack of new settlement design options including additional lighting, letter kits and more.

The third and final DLC release is the biggest and most promising of the lot, titled Far Harbor (May 2016 release) is a full game add-on that will see players taking on a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency to find a missing woman that will see you travel to the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. An unrest has evolved between the townspeople, the synths and the children of the Atom and it’s your responsibility to find this missing woman while trying to evoke peace between the factions.

Bethesda is promising this third DLC will be the biggest landmass add-on they’ve ever created, filled with “new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons. The choices are all yours.”

While only three DLC announcements have been made, Bethesda are promising much much more is on it’s way and have therefore upped the season pass plan from US$29.99 to $49.99 (£24.99 to £39.99 GBP; $49.95 to $79.95 AUD). For users who have already bought the season pass, you guys are set and no further charges will be given. Those not yet with the season pass will still be able to nab the cheaper pass up until Feb 29th when the price increases on March 1st 2016.

Beyond this announcement, Bethesda have also announced beta testing for these new DLC packs will be open to players who have joined their Bethesda.net website (registration is still open) and those lucky enough to be given the option of playing the beta’s will also be able to level up and keep their stats as they progress.

Bethesda are still working on the highly anticipated ‘creation kit’ modding tool for PC and console users.

For all the info on the upcoming DLC packs click here

Fallout 4 Feels and Review for PS4

Fallout 4_20151116204042
Red sequin dress with leather armor, this is Fallout 4

The Fallout series never fails to exercise my rage quit limitations and with Fallout 4, the latest in the line of post-apocalyptic scavenger games, that limitation is being pushed to it’s utmost limits.  That said, i’m guessing it’s a good thing to say that 10 hours in and I am yet to actually quit in a fit of rage.

The best way for me to describe the game is comparing it to say…a shit sandwich.  A compliment topped with shit topped with another compliment.

So far, Fallout 4, for the most part, has encouraged me to develop a rather nasty hoarding disorder worse than anything seen on one of those reality hoarder shows but unlike those shows where the crazy woman keeps empty cans of beans from 1985 because she has an emotional attachment to them, i’m hoarding for the fact that everything within Fallout 4, from plates to hairbrushes, cars to trees, can all be turned to scrap and reused for modding weapons, armor and camp building purposes.

Now…camp building….we all remember that feeling we got when Bethesda released the trailer for Fallout 4 that showed how we can rebuild settlements from the ground up?  Us Fallout fans squeed with delight at this new element to the series and it seemed the possibilities were endless for what we could do with settlements…I tell you though, this is one of the most frustrating features of the game.

Aside from trying to ration your pack between broken cups, cigar boxes, sniper rifles and ammo, the first attempt at rebuilding a settlement felt a bit tedious and yawn inducing.  Here we have a massive, massive land we’re yearning to discover but right off the bat, the game requires me to run around town demolishing everything in it just so it can be rebuilt again.

The second attempt at building, I found myself in an old drive-in unable to build more than a handful of shabby shacks and plant some corn because the ground was so uneven and hilly that whatever I placed down was floating in the air making it unusable, thus a waste of resources.  Add into that the inability to remove dead bodies of slaughtered raiders, creatures, skeletons or general ground rubble and suddenly you become incredibly restricted to what you can build and where it can be built.

That said, once far enough into the game, maintaining these settlements does become a feature and I find myself, in between missions and side quests, travelling from camp to camp trying to make sure there is enough power, water, food and beds to keep wasteland survivors happy.

One of the main things I have found myself liking are the companions available to follow you throughout the wasteland.  Characters like Diamond City reporter Piper, Dogmeat the dog and private eye synthetic Nick Valentine have much better and engaging personalities and are much more fleshed out than those featured in previous outings though your will to put a bullet in these companions will be tested when they all but ruin any chance you had of making a stealthy kill as they burst in shooting and bashing any enemy in sight or block you from leaving or entering a room as they choose to stand in a doorway reluctant to move no matter where you direct them to go.

The downside to these companions is how easily they get lost in the sprawling wasteland.  While you can determine where your companions are sent to when you trade one for another, trying to remember who is where can be nightmarish, especially when it comes to Dogmeat who seems to wander about.  While i’m sure I sent him to Sanctuary, he’s now presumably roaming about aimlessly in bumfuck nowhere.  An ability to contact these companions without having to physically grab them would have been a much wiser choice.

One word of advice however is NOT to play this game with your own fluffy companion in the same room.  My girl found it necessary to react any time Dogmeat barked or growled aggressively or yelped in pain.

Interactions with NPC’s have vastly improved to a point where travelers within your camps can be assigned tasks from gardening to patrolling the grounds or used as storage bins to hold more of your junk you find.  Don’t like what someone is wearing?  You can even swap out their current outfit for something that you’ve picked up along the way meaning you can fit out an entire town – men and women – in nothing but purple sequin off the shoulder dresses (something I haven’t done but am tempted to do)

As for bugs and glitches, I’ve read there’s more issues on consoles versus the PC release, but for me, playing on the PS4, the only ‘odd’ thing I’ve come across so far is a massive brahmin stuck in my bedroom (how on earth did it get there?!) which I later shot dead and pillaged.  Now the damn thing is just laying dead on my bed rotting away.

Fallout 4_20151116191117
I may have to re-arrange some furniture…

Overall, Fallout 4 achieves its main goals of feeling true to the Fallout series and offering an immense game that will gobble up hours upon hours of your life as you try to complete everything that pops up across your travels.  Even as I write this, I’m only 10 or so hours into game play and I have barely scratched the surface of what Fallout 4 has to offer.

It’s brutal, it’s crazy, it’s full of distractions and it’s immense fun.  It is Fallout after all!

Playtime with Fallout Shelter for iPad

A room full of pregnant women working all day long.

One of the best things to come out of Bethesda’s E3 conference was the company’s announcement of a brand new game for iPad based off the Fallout franchise – namely titled Fallout Shelter.  The best bit wasn’t so much the game announcement but the fact it was readily available for download at the time of the announcement.

Cut to me hurriedly downloading said game and sadly experiencing a full day of game crashes – to which I said “it wouldn’t be a Fallout game if it didn’t crash”.  Thankfully, after a bit of online searching for start-up tips, shutting down all background apps and restarting the iPad got the game working and now, Fallout Shelter is my new obsession – when my game-play isn’t interrupted with a surprise crash!

For those not in the know, Shelter tasks you with rebuilding an underground shelter and overseeing the re-population of the entire development.  From assigning your band of survivors (very menial) tasks to warding off radroach attacks to playing cupid to ensuring the health and happiness of your clan, there is plenty to do to waste ones day away.

I found starting off easy enough – The ability to rename each dweller saw me rename my new arrivals to that of Liz Lemon, Hannibal Lecter, Sydney Andrews, Dawson Leery – to name a few, and set them about their tasks to ensure the water, power and food meters were full.  Random set tasks appear (includes things like “sell one outfit or weapon”) that can result in either bottlecaps (currency) or exclusive lunchboxes (filled with outfits, weapons, bottlecaps or resources) and before I knew it, my crew were having babies or being sent out into the world to explore and hopefully acquire some new items.

After about 3 hours or so, all was going so well – 22 crew members with three on the way, above 80% happiness, Meredith Grey was providing all with stimpaks, Daryl Dixon was out exploring and resource levels were good – until I hit a small little button that read ‘rush’.

The problem with ‘rushing’ a resource production is that it can be very testy, to which I learnt the hard way.  What’s this? Purified water in 10 seconds?!  Awesome!  Electricity in 10 seconds?!  Awesome!

The awesomes were quickly replaced with wtf?! when a failed rush resulted in radroaches appearing, killing off 7 members of my team (RIP Fox Mulder and Jules Cobb) and radiation levels skyrocketing.  Before I knew it, I’ve gone from simply maintaining my vault to crazy ass damage control – demolish the third level dining room as it’s sucking too much electricity, move Meredith Grey and Christina Yang both into the science lab (I NEED RADAWAY NOW!!!!!), all non essential women are to get pregnant (pregnant women increase happiness levels and suddenly i’m in a revolving door trying to ensure all the women were constantly knocked up)  – happiness levels are down to 9% – YES 9% and everyone looks like they’ve just watched Beaches (don’t judge, it makes me cry)

The beauty of Shelter is it’s unpredictability – no matter how much you try and prepare.  Great for a while, crazy the next, strategic the next after that.  Bethesda have actually created a great app that will tide all of us bastards chomping at the bit for Fallout 4’s release in November.

Currently available in the app store for iPad and iPhone – check requirements – Fallout Shelter is also on it’s way to Android, but not for a few months yet.

Are you playing Shelter?  Sound off in the comments below!

Fallout 4 Officially Coming this year Plus a Reddit User Spills All!

A screen from Fallout 4 Trailer
A screen from Fallout 4 Trailer

The countdown clock on the Fallout 4 website has officially ended, revealing the official announcement of the Fallout 4 game, with a trailer, heading to PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

Bethesda are keeping information very very close to their chest with no official information released on story-line, how Fallout 4 fits into the Fallout timeline or customization options, though that’s not to say there’s no information floating around the web.  Eleven months ago, a disgruntled, former Bethesda employee (who was fired for dishing out confidential game information) took to reddit to spill all the beans about having played the game and what users can expect.

In Fallout 4, you are in Boston, and it takes place in the year 2287, exactly 10 years after Fallout 3. In Fallout 4, mixing things up, we are making the game more “Story Based” and the player character will finally talk, and narrate his story line” – reddit user SandraReed begins.  “At the beginning of the game, you create your character (You can only be a male in the main story), and afterward, you start the game with a blast. After the blast, you awake to see the building you are standing inside blown apart and your wife, Lydia, dead. Robots and Androids are storming the place, killing and kidnapping the people inside. You, known as “The Officer”, must escape and get revenge.”

Other notable claims include the map of Fallout 4 being three times the size of that in Skyrim, Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, you can import your Fallout 3 data and that could have an impact on the story depending on your previous choices and 5 DLC expansion packs have been scheduled.

Obviously, all this information is speculation until Bethesda play their hand at E3 next week, and here’s hoping the company haven’t taken a step backwards by removing the ability to play as a female character (SandraReed does note female character can be played…once you have finished the main story line).  Users like myself who have followed and played the game from dot one as a female character may feel a bit hard done by that they won’t be able to continue on.

What are your thoughts about the trailer and the revelations released by SandraReed on Reddit?

Bethesda is Giving us Fallout 4 Anticipations.

                                                                      Fallout 4 is coming!

As a massive fan of Bethesda’s Fallout game series, a little part of me geeked out when it was announced that they would be holding a conference at the mega E3 gaming expo later this month – the first time they have ever appeared at the event.  Could they be actually announcing a followup to the very awesome Fallout New Vegas released back in 2010?

Judging by this website it seems that not only is the news true, but that Bethesda could in fact be announcing the game earlier than the June 14th E3 expo and to quash any fears of the website being fake, Bethesda sent out the following tweet:

Set in an alternate reality where a failed Chinese invasion of America resulted in thermonuclear war, the Fallout series puts you as a custom player tasked with navigating a massive wasteland, rebuilding civilization in some form in the wake of the apocalypse. Fallout 3 was set in the Washington DC area, New Vegas in a Vegas like setting, while previous games have taken place on the West Coast of the US.

Can’t wait to see just what is revealed in 14 hours time!