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An Open Letter to The Blocks Chantelle Part Deux


So when I wrote my first letter to The Block’s Chantelle back in Jan this year, little did I know that letter would become one of the most read posts on TVNOW to date.  It is with that, I thought I would write a follow up letter to Chantelle, that it turns out, is more of a letter to Chantelle about Steve.

Dear Chantelle from The Block Fans vs Faves,

We’re nearing the end of your journey on this current season of The Block: Fans vs Faves, and I must say, I may have unfairly judged you in my original letter to you.

You see, we didn’t really know you that well and first impressions were not that great and I feel my dissatisfaction towards the results of those elimination rounds (where yourself and Steve made it through to The Block) was unfairly directed towards you.  Spotlight shopping and Winnie The Pooh cushions aside, you have proven yourself to be quite the competitor on The Block.

You know (mostly) when to step up and get the job done, when to step back (hello Keith), have provided some interesting and pleasing design choices (living/dining) and have no qualms about using a buzz saw or getting your hands dirty.

This is where I now go back to that whole ‘misdirected issues’ part I mentioned above.  See, you seemed to have done quite well on The Block and during the elimination round and early weeks, you were front and centre leaving others to really sort of forget about your partner in crime, that of course, being Steve.

If you look at my original letter, I used the words “Steve, I think, is just along for the ride” and it’s funny, now almost 10 weeks later, that statement still rings true as when I wrote it back in January. Steve may and well put his representation as  whiny, lazy and completely clueless down to bad editing but to be honest dear Chantelle, I don’t think many people like him and his childish outbursts and acts of passive-aggressive behavior (as edited as they may be) might be bringing you down with him.

Steve’s interactions with Foreman Keith, in all honesty, actually look like Steve is 10 year old being told off by a teacher.  It’s not pretty to look.  So this is where I apologize to you for my initial outburst and say to Steve, mate, nut up champ.  Grow a pair, get your hands dirty and finish the job just like Chantelle has been doing.



P.S: I still think you won’t win The Block.

The Block: There’s a Bath in the Bedroom Dear Viewers

Brad and Dales Bath in the Bedroom

We got our first glimpse of the completed upper levels of The Block last night (main bedroom, ensuite, walk in robes and landing) and I must say, I have serious issues with one certain reveal.

Brad and Dale, in all their wisdom, decided to extend their ensuite into the main bedroom, sacrificing space to allow half of the room to be classified as a wet area to hold a bath.  There is no other bath in their apartment, this is the only one.


Now, I can see some sort of inspiration taken from last year when the twins, Alisa and Lysandra, opted to place a bath in their walk in dressing room.  Their final result was nothing short of spectacular and were scored accordingly so by the judges but Brad and Dale’s finished product, while it looks high quality, is not practical in its placing.

Not only have the boys sacrificed space to allow for a bath in the main bedroom, they’ve also managed to halve their buyer demographic with the only bath in their apartment taking up half the main bedroom, families or couples looking to have children won’t be interested in attempting to bath their youngsters in the main bedroom!

While I may be a little less than thrilled with the boys finished room, the judges were rather impressed.  With one set of scores still to be revealed (what’s with the cutting of the ep?) Brad and Dale and Steve and Chantelle are both tied for first place with a winner to be revealed in tonight’s episode of The Block.

Who will win?  Did you like Brad and Dale’s bath in the bedroom?

The Block Reveals Smaller Than Expected Rooms

Steve and Chantelle celebrate their first room win on The Block: Fans v Faves. Source: Supplied

Am I the only one who’s feeling a bit uneasy about how these apartments on The Block: Fans Vs Faves are turning out?  To be clear, I wasn’t that worried at the start (well, only for Steve and Chantelle) as rooms like second bedrooms and main bathrooms were being churned out with mostly impressive results.  But after last night’s living/dining rooms were revealed, I’m beginning to question some of the layout decisions being made resulting in some rather confined living spaces and how this will affect the final outcome at auction.

I’m no builder or interior designer, but, It is well known these areas living/dining/kitchen are always going to be the most used spaces within a house, and especially with the size of the apartments given to the contestants, why did Brad and Dale completely dissolve their dining area altogether and why did Kyal and Kara make a living room that’s smaller than their kitchen?  Even the twins, Alisa and Lysandra, who made the smart decision to move their kitchen to create a massive open space lower level managed to somehow get the sizing dimensions wrong for their living room (though I could be wrong here and this could be down to bad styling)

Yes, Steve and Chantelle had the win (their first) last night for the living/dining areas.  I will put my hand up and say, despite some styling choices, it was the clear winner.  Lucky they had that bonus point to snag them the win off the twins avoiding a draw!

Steve and Chantelle’s dining area. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied
Steve and Chantelle’s dining area. Picture: Supplied

Now, these are not small apartments.  I’m pretty sure Brad and Dales winning main bathroom is actually twice the size of their living space while, as the judges pointed out, Kyal and Kara offer a luxurious 3 meter long hallway, only for it open out to a pretty measly living/dining area.

I can only hope, as Brad pointed out, that once the outer areas are completed, they are able to expand the space inside, combining the inner to the outer areas creating decent sized lower living quarters.

I originally had Kyal and Kara in my sights to take out this season of The Block.  They entered strongly with an excellent elimination round room and have been consistent room after room, bringing top quality finishes, but I’m scared that the final layout of their lower level may actually cost them the win.

The Block Shock: We Can’t Go To Auction

The Block’s Brad and Dale Cause Some Issues

From Steve taking to social media to vent his frustrations at the editing to Alisa and Lysandra threatening to walk off the show, this season of The Block: Fans Vs Faves certainly has offered up some shocker moments so far, but last night, one of the biggest shocks to hit The Block came to light – The Block may not be able to sell!

So why might The Block be unable to go to auction?  Waterproofing.  Turns out, Brad and Dale’s water-proofer is refusing to sign off on the job done on the boys first bathroom because he personally, did not finish the job and therefore, cannot certify it meaning not only can Brad and Dale not legally sell, but because the entire building falls under a single occupancy, none of the other contestants can sell either.

“Your water proofer has sent me an email about your water proofing and he’s not going to certify it. He reckons he wasn’t able to do a second coat, so he won’t provide us with a certificate, which means we can’t actually sell your apartment or any of the others” said Foreman Keith in last night’s episode.

It seems (from what I could make out), the boys water-proofer did a coat of proofing and agreed that Brad and Dale could do a top coat so as the job could be brought up to time for when the tilers came.

As Dale pointed out – “He was happy to be paid, he took payment.  I don’t know what irritates me more out of this, the fact that he came and did the job and received payment for it. We mentioned at the beginning of the job don’t take it unless you’re going to certify it.”

After a bit more prodding from Keith, contact was finally made with the elusive water-proofer who agreed to only certify the coat he did and none of the work Brad and Dale had completed – basically certifying a coat under a coat.

The show ended with Keith saying “We need that little piece of paper, otherwise we’re in a big pickle.”

The Block: Fans Vs Faves continues tonight, Channel 9 at 7:30pm