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Flooring Issues Anger The Block Contestants

The Block “favorites” Brad and Dale have gotten an early start on their floors. Source: News Limited

The twins (Alisa and Lysandra) are not on a good run at the moment. Unfairly savaged by the judges for their bathroom (what’s up with Shaynna Blaze and her rages at the moment?) and builder tantrums have left the girls in a spot of bother.  Now, polished concrete floors have set off a new chain of events.

So, let’s talk floors.

Boring right?  Well not so much.  Floors are causing all kinds of trouble in this season of The Block Fans versus Favorites with fan team Brad and Dale deciding to opt with polished concrete floors throughout their lower floor kitchen and living areas, allowing them to get ‘an advantage’ in ensuring their floors are completed by the time work on their room begins.

This head-start isn’t sitting so well with the other teams led by twins Alisa and Lysandra, making it no secret, they are less than pleased with the progress allowed.

Sure, at first, things seemed ok between the teams.  Foreman Keith explained that pouring a concrete slab, allowing it to dry, and grinding it to a polish takes much longer than The Block allows, so he’d granted the boys special permission to start earlier than they otherwise would have, but by the time kitchen week began, those ‘ok’ moods quickly changed.

With the lower kitchen and living area’s combined in a massive open space, those teams opting with floorboards or tiles have been ordered to only batten out their floors as far as the kitchen perimeters and no further, leaving all other teams to question why they aren’t even allowed to at least batten out their entire lower area to even out the playing field.

“The fact they [Brad and Dale] have their sander out doing their kitchen, doing their lounge room, that’s progressing to me,” says a very annoyed Alisa.

Cue an on-the-spot meeting, to which Brad and Dale basically go “na na na, we were smart enough to go with polished concrete”  or  as Dale put it, “They are jealous. They had the idea but they didn’t follow through with it. They say it’s a problem of us jumping ahead but it’s not.”  Everyone else argues in disgust and Keith finally puts his foot down regarding the final decision on the floors.

So now the question begs, why couldn’t the other teams at least batten out their floors to level out the playing field by the time the lower living areas are started?

Well, as it turns out, while the boys have been granted permission to lay the concrete and grind it out across the entire lower level, according the Brad, “We can only buff and polish the sections that fall within that week … we’re not getting an advantage.”

You know with Alisa and Lysandra on the case, this won’t be the last we’ll hear about the flooring advantage.

Cooking for Bitches and New York Style Lofts.

Kyal and Kara will enter The Block Fans vs Favorites Season. © 2014 Nine Entertainment Co.

So it was an all new season of Channel 9’s The Block versus and all new season of Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules last night and judging how twitter went last night, I think most people had the same idea as myself – Watch MKR and tape The Block as MKR easily raked it in last night with well over 1.6 million viewers compared to The Blocks 1.14 Million (It was even beaten by the return of Home and Away) but i’m assuming when The Block moves on from elimination rounds and into the real game, the ratings will alter.

Let’s talk The Block.  It’s a Fans vs Favorites season and we already know the hipster glasses wearing copper twins Alyssa and Lysandra are back for another round, this time along with the familiar faces of Brad and Dale (and Dales new hiddeous neck tattoo and extensive face hair) who have paired up to form the second team of ‘favorites’.

Last night’s first episode saw two couples (both long-time fans of the show) battle it out in designing a New York loft style apartment with Kyal (had to add that spelling to the dictionary) and wife Kara from New South Wales easily beating out Queensland miners Jesse and Kenny.

Both couples were given a budget of $10,000, a design brief including the Manhattan Loft style and just two days to turn two empty rooms into amazing living spaces at The Block HQ.  Throw in a plasterer named Igor that arrived 5 hours late, a smashed light shade, awesome use of pre-existing graffiti, Scotty Cam being a smarmy bugger and a contestant stealing (or paying for) flowers from a woman on her birthday and we finally have our first couple for the new season.

MKR contestants Chloe and Kelly

Now it’s time to talk MKR.  I think the producers learnt a very valuable lesson last season – CASTING IS IMPORTANT AND EQUALS VIEWERS!  And casting of nasty contestants equals people talking about your show.

The ‘Well traveled friends’ from Western Australia Chloe and Kelly ensured we were all talking about them and mostly them.  The general consensus was that they should have been labelled as the ‘bitchy travel snobs’ from Western Australia.

I swear, if either of them say “I’m not here to make friends”….

The Block airs tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30pm

My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 at 7:30pm