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Big Changes in Place for Winners and Losers

Big cast changes took place in Tuesdays Winners & Losers
Big cast changes took place in Tuesdays Winners & Losers

Well, you can’t say Channel 7 favorite Winners and Losers is one of those shows that just cruises along without offering too much or shaking things up – whether it be for good or for bad.

In the past handful of episodes, leading up-to and including last Tuesdays season three finale (still unsure why we were left dangling for three months to get the last three episodes of the season) we’ve seen Zach (Stephen Phillips) take flight for Abu Dhabi, Patrick (Jack Pearson) and Jasmine (PiaGrace Moon) leave for an extended Europe vacation, Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), Harrison and Ryan (David Paterson) uproot to Singapore, Jonathan (Damien Bodie) and Rhys (Nick Simpson-Deeks) move to San Francisco and Flynn (Tom Hobbs) making a quick exit for New Zealand (you can tell how happy I am about that last one).

While Bec’s absence won’t be noticeable (she’s back next week and not happy with life in Singapore) the absence of such a large number of characters in such a small space of time is quite apparent, especially with only two new characters – Luke McKenzie (Nathin Butler) and Gabe Reynolds (Nick Russell) to fill the void along with a beefed up role for Bridget FitzgeraldĀ (Sarah Grace) – and then there’s Carla (Sibylla Budd), but I don’t like to talk about her.

There’s no word yet on a return of any of our recently departed, though with the news that Francis (Virginia Gay) is five weeks pregnant, one could hope that Zach or Jonathan may be back earlier than later.

Winners and Losers Season 4 kicks off Tuesday July 1st 8:45pm on Channel 7.