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Game of Thrones Returns Tonight for Season 4


It’s being billed as the biggest season yet and cost more than $100 million dollars to make.  It’s cult TV at it’s best with it’s fan base akin to that of The Walking Dead.  Game of Thrones returns tonight for Season 4.

Coming in at the midway point in the planned seven-season adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s still unfinished series of novels, A Saga Of Fire and Ice, season 4 is mostly taken from the second half of the third novel and was subsequently filmed in ten parts.  Picking up right after where we left off last season, the warring families of Westeros, the Lannisters, the Tyrells and the Baratheons are still reeling from the aftermath of the gruesome ‘Red Wedding’, which saw the slaughter of King of the North Rob Stark, his mother Catelyn, his wife and unborn child.

The Wildlings are on the march south as are the mysterious un-dead White Walkers and somewhere in the east Daenerys is continuing her quest to reclaim the throne with an army of freed slaves and three dragons at her side.

There’s a new faction in town to look out for with the arrival of the charming (and somewhat dangerous) Oberyn Martell, from the kingdom of Dorne, who is also hell bent on revenge for past Lannister murders and a tribe of heavily-scarred cannibals  from beyond the Wall called the Thenn who  have formed an uneasy alliance with Mance Rayder and the so-called wildlings advancing on Castle Black and are threatening death and destruction on all who cross their path.

There’s bloodlust, sex, greed and revenge to keep most fans salivating for more.

Game of Thrones returns tonight, 7:30pm on Showcase via FOXTEL.