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FX Releases Fargo First Look Trailer

Kate Walsh in Fargo (c)FX

FX have released a first look trailer for their up-coming new series Fargo, inspired by the 1996 Cohen Brothers movie of the same name and it’s filled with as much ice, crime and accents as the movie.

Billy Bob Thornton (from the original Fargo movie), Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), Martin Freeman (The Hobbit), Kate Walsh (Private Practice), Colin Hanks (Dexter)  and Adam Goldberg (NYC 22)  give us a look at whats in store for the new 10 episode series.

Fargo will take place in the same small and awkwardly polite town the movie was set in though with different (though some-what familiar) characters and story lines.  Martin Freeman as a putzy salesman named Lester Nygaard, Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo, a vaguely threatening out-of-towner with bad hair, Kate Walsh as a merry widow, Allison Tolman as the polite, upstanding police officer and Adam Goldberg as a criminal element with a taste for gas station snacks.

Though Fargo currently looks like it will be a one off season (10 episodes), if it does take off and find an audience, there is a chance Fargo may go the way of American Horror Story or True Detective and become an anthology series.

Fargo will premiere on April 15, 10pm on FX

Fargo Coming to TV Screens

Frances McDormand as Sheriff Marge Gunderson

1996 Cult classic film Fargo is being remade into a TV series for FX from MGM television but don’t expect to see lead character Sheriff Marge Gunderson show up in the series.  The Fargo series based on the Coen Brothers film, will see Ethan and Joel Coen serving as executive producers on the show.

Says president of MGM Television Roma Khanna “She’s (Gunderson) not in it. It’s not a retelling of the same story, because on so many levels that would be foolish.” and compared this small screen remake to that of the recent Teen Wolf reboot which MGM was also behind.  “The original ‘Teen Wolf’ film was very campy and fun and a little silly. The TV series is dark and sexy and aggressive in ways,” leading to speculation that the original film will just serve as a grounding plate for the series.

While Marge Gunderson or Francis McDormand and not slated to appear, the show already has some big names attached to the new project including Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks and Billy Bob Thornton.