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INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. Part 2 Reviewed.

Luke Arnold as Michael Hutchence and Andy Ryan, who plays Andrew Farriss in the two-part INXS telemovie. Source: Supplied

There’s a certain scene in this part two of INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, where you will find yourself saying “Michael really was troubled.”  Where part one of this impressive rock biopic was all about the bands early beginnings and rise to fame, this second part is all about INXS’ downfalls, inner demons and ultimately, the heart break caused by the death of Michael Hutchence.

Just like part one, the story works on jumping back and forth between different time lines.  We start off in 1997 right before Michael’s death, him alone in a hotel room reminiscing of good times before being ported back to 1988 where the band are having a meeting with their manager and are demanding to take a years break.

It’s towards the end of this break, where we begin to see the cracks starting to form within the band.  Rolling Stone magazine wants the band for an interview, but only want Michael for the cover.  Their international success has left Australia feeling cold towards the band and the change in the music scene in the early 90’s (where grunge indie bands like Nirvana began to top sell) see’s INXS almost make a reggae album.

Michael’s flurry of celebrity lovers are looked at more closely, though the storyline involving Kylie Minogue (Samantha Jade) is dealt with rather quickly and not given much thought.  Instead, we learn more about Michael’s time with supermodel Helena Christensen (Mallory Jansen) and finally, with Paula Yates (Georgina Haig)

The moment … Paula Yates met Michael Hutchence on the set of her TV show Big Breakfast. Source: Supplied

Again, Luke Arnold continues to play Michael Hutchence with a reckless, flawless and effortless flair.  Whether it’s sitting in on a band meeting dressed in a white suit and dark glasses or struggling to comprehend the custody dispute between Paula Yates and ex husband Bob Geldof (a situation often speculated leading to Michael’s death) or parading around on stage, microphone in hand, enthralling a stadium full of adoring fans, Luke Arnold IS Michael Hutchence.  His embodiment of Michael’s cockiness, recklessness and fearlessness only nails in just how perfect this casting decision is.

The same goes for the rest of the cast.  Damon Herriman as INXS’ manager Chris Murphy (Murphy actually produced the mini series), Hugh Sheridan as Garry Gary Beers, Andrew Ryan who bears an uncanny resemblance to his on screen alter ego of Andrew Farriss, Alex Williams as Kirk Pengilly, Ido Drent as Jon Farriss and newcomer Nick Masters as Tim Farriss all manage to stand out in their own right and own the material.

The only negative I have to offer: Grant Piro as Molly Meldrum and Brendan Barnett as U2 singer Bono offer quite cringe worthy performances but thankfully, their scenes are minimal and will only mildly distract.

There will be some tears (I know I did – unexpectedly) and Arnold’s final scene as INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence is fitting and honest as it is emotional and heart breaking.

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart – Part 2, airs Sunday night, Channel 7 at 8:30pm.

Channel 7’s INXS Miniseries Get’s AirDate

Luke Arnold and the cast of INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. Source: Channel Seven (David Cook)

We’ve seen the previews, we’ve all talked about the uncanny resemblance between Luke Arnold and the late Michael Hutchence, we’re all hanging to see if singer Samantha Jade can pull off the role of Kylie Minogue and now, we’ll all finally be able to see it all for ourselves when Never Tear Us Apart; The Untold Story of INXS begins it’s two Sunday night run on Feb 9th.

Channel 7 are kicking off the new ratings year with the hotly anticipated INXS bio miniseries starring Luke Arnold, Samantha Jade and Hugh Sheridan.  We’ve been teased with promos since late December and it’s only been as recent as last Friday that some of the cast including Georgina Haig and Alex Williams got to see the final result.

The mini-series centres on INXS’s rise to the top and become Australia’s biggest rock exports, as well as the band’s struggles with drugs and fame, which ultimately led to their lead singer’s untimely death.

More about the cast and the mini series.

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Never Tear Us Apart; The Untold Story of INXS will air Sunday Feb 9th and Sunday Feb 16th at 8:30pm on Channel 7.