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Could the Wave 2 FRIENDS Pop! Vinyls Be Any Cooler?!

friends large

The first wave of FRIENDS Pop! Vinyls released back in 2016 remain a collectors favorite even though the wave has now been vaulted and prices on the secondary market have sky rocketed (around the $90 to $110 price point).

The original character releases were more character specific than episodic specific with Monica in her chef whites, Ross with pet monkey Marcel, Joey and Chandler with ‘chick’ and ‘duck’, Rachel in her Central Perk uniform and Phoebe with her guitar.

That’s all about to change with the recently revealed wave 2 of the FRIENDS Pop! Vinyls which are heavily episodic specific and perfectly iconic for each character.

First up in Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) from the season 10 episode 11 titled “The One Where the Stripper Cries” which offers an 80’s college-era flash back with Chandler rocking a Flock of Seagulls inspired hairstyle.


Next in the line, and from the same episode, is Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) also in flashback form with his tight perm and matching mustache holding an episodically identical pamphlet for their band “Way, no Way!”


Also from this very same episode AND flashback is the third in the line, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) rocking high hair, garish outfit and plastic red drinking cup.

Moving onto a new episode is the next release, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) from season 3 episode 2 (and one of my personal favorite episodes) “The One Where No One is Ready” where Joey, frustrated with Chandler’s antics, wears ALL of Chandlers clothing.

Season 9, Episode 24 “The One in Barbados: Part 2” get’s the Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) treatment with Monica’s god-awful braids, gotten in an attempt to deal with the high humidity in…well Barbados.

Last up is Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) sporting her Supergirl outfit from Season 8, episode 6 titled “The One With the Halloween Party” where Phoebe causes the break-up of her twin sister Ursula’s engagement to Eric played by Sean Penn.


These new wave of pops are pretty epic with incredible detail for the hardcore FRIENDS fans though the only thing I can pick up on is with Monica’s hairstyle which is evened off at one length versus her varying braid length as seen in the episode.

Are these going to be on your must-get list?  Sound off in the comments section!

Watch this space for release dates and pre-order details!

PS – I’m totally devastated we still haven’t got a Fat Monica Pop! Vinyl who I think was much more iconic and memorable than corn-row Monica!

First Look at the Friends Funko Pop Vinyls

Rachel Green and Monica Geller Funko Pop Vinyls

Entertainment Weekly have offered up the first exclusive look of the brand new Friends Funko Pop Vinyl line featuring all six characters from the beloved show, each with iconic character additions that will have Friends fans excited to own each and every one – me included!

With the addition of the Pop Television line, Funko have been able to delve into the television vault and offer up everything from the recent American Horror Story and Orange is the New Black Pops to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Who and even Saved by the Bell Pops and while there are still a few glaring omissions to the upcoming release list (Sex and the City and Melrose Place – I want a Sydney Andrews Pop! hint hint) the long-awaited Friends Pops have finally been revealed.

“These figures are better when they’re crazy-looking,” Funko CEO Brian Mariotti told EW. “Everyone on [‘Friends’] is just really good-looking, so we needed to get the details just right. We had to add that extra level of ‘Friends’-ness. I know, that’s not even a word.”  By extra level of ‘Friends-ness’ we’re talking some small but important additions to these Pops…

Ross Geller (played by David Schwimmer) comes with Marcel the monkey, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) comes with ‘the duck’, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) comes with ‘Yasmine the chick’, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) sports her iconic ‘Rachel’ do and Central Perk uniform, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) sports her guitar and adornment of rings while Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) comes in her chef whites.

While all the Friends Pops are quite visual and identifiable, personally, I feel that Monica’s was somewhat off as it was not very often we saw Monica in her chef uniform…”We started Monica in just one of her more regular outfits that you would recognize, but if you take it out of context, it wasn’t as iconic,” says VP of Funko Creative Ben Butcher. “With Phoebe, we tried to get the guitar in there. With Joey and Chandler, they are two regular guys at first … and then we decided to bring the duck and the chick into it.”

As a dedicated long-time Friends fan, some suggestions for a series two – you know, if it was ever to go ahead..,

Spray Tan Ross Geller – Pink bunny suit Halloween Chandler Bing – Ceasers Palace Guard Joey Tribbiani – Alternate reality Merrill Lynch worker Phoebe Buffay – Wedding day Rachel Green and finally…..Fat Monica Geller!

The Friends Funko Pop’s are currently available for pre-order at your local Pop! retailer or through Entertainment Earth with a Feb 2016 release.

20 Years On, The 20 Best FRIENDS Episodes

The cast of Friends
The cast of Friends

FRIENDS premiered 20 year ago this week in the US (Sept 22nd 1994), with the show and the cast still holding as strong today as they did back in 1994.  From coffee shops to switching apartments, break-ups, hook ups, dinosaur bones and opposing thumbs, the show remains one of the biggest comedies and most-loved shows to have ever been created.

I call myself a die-hard Friends fan.  I’ve seen every episode more than 10 times (with the exception of the finale as it get me too emotional!) and can pretty much retell each episode line for line (there’s an app called Quiz Up with a Friend trivia and Friends Quotes Trivia – try and beat me at it!) and so to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary, I’ve selected my personal top 20 episodes chosen from the 10 seasons the show ran for.

Now choosing only 20 episodes from a total of 238 episodes is no easy feat.  I somehow thought I was doing a good job when I niggled that number down to just 120!  A couple of hours a later, a few lists comprising of pros and cons and I’ve managed to whittle the list down to just 20……and thrown in a few honorable mentions to start us off!

Honorable Mention: The One With The Proposal Part 2 (S06E25)  It’s all about the pay off at the end of this episode with the build-up of Chandler wanting to propose to Monica in the perfect way.  There’s an almost break-up and the return of Monica’s ex Richard though when Chandler walks through that door and Monica drops to one knee….tears ensue!

Honorable Mention: The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss (S07E20) Rachel (or Rae Rae) tries to convince Phoebe she once kissed a girl played by Winona Ryder.  This get’s an honorable mention purely for Phoebe’s quick thinking to Melissa’s question of “Were you ever in a sorority?”  Plus any meniton of Regina Phalangie is a win!

20. The Last One Part 2 (S10E20)  Of course, it’s only fitting to officially start this off with the last episode of the show.  This final goodbye is one I’ve only ever watched once and will probably stay that way as, to this day, I still feel the tears welling up thinking about it!  Ask anyone who’s a Friends fan about the final episode and the words “I got off the plane” will always come up.  It’s that scene where Rachel surprises Ross by telling him she’s staying thus confirming our Ross and Rachel do end up together!  Watch the final scene below.

19. The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt (S05E19)  Oh it’s awkward, so so awkward!  Smack bang, right in the middle of the show’s run, we’re given this little gem that let’s us all in on just how bad Ross is at flirting.  His numerous attempts at trying to flirt with the pizza delivery girl (which includes talk of gas) is hilariously painful.  Meanwhile the B story in this episode revolved around Joey re-creating his cut scenes from Law and Order for his Nona who doesn’t speak English.  Check out some of Ross’s best work below!

18. The One With the Flashback (S03E06)  After our first glimpse into the past back in season 2’s prom video flashback, we’re given a whole episode dedicated to life before Friends where Joey moves in with Chandler and hits on Monica, Ross discovers Carol is a lesbian and almost sleeps with Phoebe and even in the very final scene we see Rachel dreaming of hooking up with Chandler!  Check out the Ross and Phoebe almost hookup below!

17. The One With Rachel’s Other Sister (S09E08)  Clearly magic happened when Rachel’s sister Amy was created and presented to us in the form of Christina Applegate.  So Rachel invites her sister to join them for Monica’s traditional Thanksging dinner only for Amy to pretty much insult each and every one in attendance.  The final fight between the sisters makes for great television and one that many of us can identify with!  Check out Rachel and Amy below.

16. The One With the Apothecary Table (S06E11)  Two funny story lines sees Ross and Rachel lying to Phoebe about a stunning Apothecary table she bought from Poetry Barn as Phoebe hates the store (days of yore’ anyone?) along with Joey having to deal with his girlfriend and roommate Janine hating on Chandler and Monica. To be fair, this was one of Elle McPherson’s better episodes.  Check out Janine Vs Monica below.

15. The One With Rachel’s New Dress (S04E18)  Ross freaking out over girlfriend Emily spending time with his lesbian ex-wife in London, Rachel going to dinner with her date Joshua and his parents dressed in a negligee and Chandler and Joey fighting over who’s name Phoebe should pick as a name for one of the triplets!


14. The One With Free Porn (S04E17)  Great mix between Phoebe discovering she’s pregnant with triplets and then trying to find a way to help Frank Jnr and Alice with the financial burden (I’m still waiting for The Relaxi Taxi!), Ross telling Emily her loves her right before she leaves for London (Thank-you) and Joey and Chandler discovering they have free porn on cable!  Check out all the free porn below!

13. The One With the Cat (S04E02)  This was the first time we got to see some real tension between Ross and Phoebe who clash over whether or not the spirit of Phoebe’s mother is residing in a cat that Phoebe found.  The tension spills over to Ross and Rachel who have split up with a great scene involving Ross convincing Rachel her high school boyfriend Chip had left a message for her to call him (when it really was for Monica – who subsequently gets a ‘lipper from the Chipper’).  Joey and Chandler are robbed leaving them with no furniture but a canoe.


12. The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin (S07E19)  Easily an episode that get’s lost in the myriad of greatness that was season 7, the mix of Monica working on a prosthetic foreskin for Joey (who has landed a role in a movie as a Catholic Italian immigrant in which nudity is required) and Ross and Monica’s cousin Cassie (Denise Richards) bouncing from friend to friend (including Phoebe) trying to find a place to stay without being stared at was at the tipping point for adult humor on Friends.  Check out why Cassie had to keep moving below!

11. The One Where Monica Sings (S09E13)  I must admit, whenever I hear Delta Dawn, I swear I can hear Monica’s voice somewhere off in the distance trying to hit those high notes.  Sadly for Monica, her singing talents are outshone by her see-through top (which helped Mike get some great ‘tips”) while we get to see Joey in a mostly solo story where under the name of Chandler Bing, he goes to get’s his eyebrows waxed for new head shots.  The humor here was offset by some Ross and Rachel drama when Rachel discovers Ross kept a message from her from a potential new love interest.

10. The One That Could Have Been Parts 1 and 2 (S06E15/16)  I decided to be sneaky and throw in a double episode as one entry because they are both equally as great.  Instead of another standard flashback, this time it’s a Sliding Doors type of episode where we get to look at what could have been had certain events never happened.  Rachel being still married to Barry, Monica never losing the weight, Chandler quitting his job to become a writer, Ross never quitting Karate (or mainly not discovering that Susan was a lesbian) Joey never being fired from Days of our Lives and Phoebe taking a job with Merrill Lynch.  In the end, it seems, regardless of the road taken, our Friends still wound up where they were in present time.

9. The One With Phoebe’s Wedding (S10E12)  I love episodes where you can hear the audience “awww” or gasp like they do here when Phoebe takes off her coat to reveal a stunning wedding dress.  Even watching that moment now get’s me a bit teary!  The beauty with this episode is that it’s Phoebe doing something completely un-Phoebe and having a magical yet rather normal wedding.  Our usually un-lucky in love Pheeb’s is getting married!

8. The One With the Video Tape (S08E04)  While the Chandler and Monica post honeymoon story is a bit meh (people they met while on honeymoon, Greg and Jenny, gave them a fake number) it’s the Ross and Rachel and the night she fell pregnant story that really shines as each has a varying tale of whom came onto whom on the night.  Thankfully Ross has it all on tape to reveal the truth that involves a story about backpacking through Western Europe!

7. The One With the Boobies (S01E13)  It’s all about our friends getting to know our other friends a little bit better as a chain of surprise nudity, or tit for tat, begins after Chandler accidentally see’s Rachel’s nippular area – much to the jealousy of Ross.  This episode was also the only time we got to see Joey’s parents.

6. The One With Ross’s Tan (S10E03)  Easily, this episode is all about Jennifer Coolidge as Phoebe and Monica’s annoying friend Amanda who’s returned from a long stint in London (with terrible fake accent in tow) and tries to rekindle the friendship while unknowingly letting out some old truths from a long time ago.  Monica and Phoebe trying to avoid Amanda and subsequently trying to deal with Amanda give some of the funniest moments from the final season.  Check out Amanda and her many ‘talents’ below.

5. The One With the Rumor (S08E09)  Seeing Brad Pitt play opposite then wife Jennifer Aniston still makes for great viewing today.  As an old school friend of Ross and Monica’s, Will is invited to thanksgiving dinner but is upset when he discovers they are still friends with Rachel who used to tease him about his weight.  It’s one of the few episodes a guest star was given great scenes and lines.  Check out Will below.

4. The One With the Nap Partners (S07E06)  Joey and Ross story lines were few and far between throughout the seasons, but here, they take center stage as they discover nap time with each other results in the best nap ever while they also help to determine who out of Phoebe and Rachel get’s to be Monica’s main of honor.  The B story involved Monica discovering Chandler broke up with his summer-camp girlfriend because she was fat.

3. The One With the Prom Video (S02E14)  See, he’s her lobster!  Our first ever look back at friends before friends with Rachel and Monica getting ready for prom.  We see Rachel pre-nose job, Monica before she lost all the weight and Ross rocking a wicked perm and majorly crushing on Rachel.  What really makes this episode though (and what has been leading up-to ever since The One With the List) is Rachel seeing Ross prepared to step in as her prom date at the last moment only to be left behind as Chip arrives to take her to the prom resulting in a kiss that we had all been waiting for, for a very long time!

2. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (S05E14)  Easily sitting at number two, this Phoebe and Chandler led story line see’s the shows two funniest characters battling it out in a romantic competition to see whom cracks first.  Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship is on the line, they want to keep it secret, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel want the truth to be revealed.

1. The One Where No One’s Ready (S03E02)  When compiling this list, or anytime I think about great Friends episodes, this one always comes to mind.  An episode that is filmed entirely in Monica and Rachel’s apartment (minus the end credit scene) see’s Ross struggle to get everyone ready to attend a black-tie event at the museum where he works in which he’s presenting a speech.  From Monica still recovering from her breakup with Richard to Rachel not knowing what’s the appropriate outfit to wear, Phoebe disguising a hummus stain with an over sized Christmas decoration to Chandler and Joey fighting over a chair, The One Where No One’s Ready is the perfectly written and acted Friends episode full of laughs and that’s why it sit’s at my number one spot.

Do you have a favorite episode?  Sound off in the comments below!

Jimmy Kimmels FRIENDS Fan Fiction Reunion

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston join Jimmy Kimmel on Stage
Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston join Jimmy Kimmel on Stage

When Jennifer Aniston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the last thing i’m sure she expected was to find herself back in the kitchen made famous in 90’s sitcom Friends acting out a scene with her former co-stars.

And that’s just what happened when Kimmel surprised Aniston with his own Friends fan fiction script and an exact replica of Monica’s kitchen from the hit show.

Kimmel, playing Ross, sets out the scene (in which Kimmel wrote) about why he and Rachel have not made love in months.  Add in a push button laugh track and a surprise appearence from Courteney Cox as Monica Geller-Bing and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay and suddenly, we’ve got ourselves a mini Friends reunion!

And no matter what, Jennifer was not going to wear that Rachel wig!

Check out the scene below:

This mini reunion comes just in time for Friends 20th anniversary this September and to mark the occasion, Warner Bros and Eight O’Clock Coffee have joined forces to bring fans the chance to experience the famous Central Perk coffee house as it’s well known.

A pop up shop in Soho which mimic’s Central Perk will be operating at 199 Lafayette Street in Downtown Manhattan from Sept 17th to Oct 18th offering free coffee, Friends merchandise and appearances from James Michael Taylor who played the lovable yet unlucky in his adoration towards Rachel, Gunther.

Sean Saves the World, but Barely

Sean Hayes and Samantha Isler in Sean Saves the World

Remember when, after FRIENDS, Lisa Kudrow tried to move on and leave Phoebe Buffay behind with The Comeback?  Probably not right.  Not many people watched, (you should have though – very funny) but people were not ready to see a popular actress portray another role other than the one they love.  Heck, Megan Mullally’s next venture after Will & Grace didn’t fare any better.  Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Doug Savant, Matthew Perry, Debra Messing, Laura Leighton, Jason Alexander…most have had numerous failed attempts at moving on before finding the right program for them

This is where some of Sean Saves The World finds it’s problems.  Sean Hayes almost went into hiding after the end of Will & Grace until showing up in this so-so comedy and while watching the pilot, it felt like I was watching Sean Saves the World starring Jack McFarland.

Yep, I said it.  This is a poor man’s Will & Grace where Grace is Sean’s teenage daughter Ellie, Karen is his loveable/hate-able mother Lorna and Hayes picking up the Will and Jack roles.  The whole thing does not feel right at all.  Strip everything back, you’d be left with a run of the mill sitcom about a gay man whose teenage daughter suddenly moves in with him while at the same time his work life becomes more demanding.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a sitcom after all.  The heavy themes never really come into play here.

Blame however cannot be put solely on Sean Hayes.  In the end, he is a master of his craft and works with what has been given to him (including the copious amount of make-up he sports in the pilot episode).  The set-up of the teenage daughter suddenly appearing to live with him is confusing.  I honestly don’t really know if they had much of a father/daughter relationship before this – I think there may have been a weekend on and off situation going on.  They both act like they haven’t (insert awkward conversations about her conception here) yet Sean’s daughter Ellie (Samantha Isler) comes to his aid to help with save his job and Sean finds himself with literally no idea on how to parent his daughter.

Also, don’t get me started on Sean’s new boss, Max (Thomas Lennon).  Yes, Max is supposed to be a character we’re not going to like but Lennon portrays Max with such evil boss cliques it’s like he is the new bad guy in the next Bond film – all he’s missing is the white fluffy cat on his lap.  While i’m on it, the rest of Sean’s co-workers were pretty ‘bleh’ as well.  I guess they are only fillers but I felt like Megan Hilty (Smash) as Liz was a bit of a wasted role.  The only real saving grace here is Linda Lavin as Sean’s loud mouthed mother Lorna.  She’s nabbing most of the laugh quotes and plays well off Hayes.

Look, If you can ignore Hayes’ over made face full of make-up and the laugh track that’s set on to loud you might like it. While there is nothing really ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ here, there are some (some) funny scenes and yes, it is great to see Hayes not only back on our screens but also exert some physical comedy but my advice to those behind the scenes…to make the show somewhat more watch-able, loose the laugh track and loose either the character of Max or remove Thomas Lennon…one or both are really hurting.  

Lisa Kudrow’s Scandal

Lisa Kudrow is joining political drama Scandal

Unlike some of the cast of FRIENDS, Lisa Kudrow, never really had an issue breaking from her role of free-loving and all singing Phoebe Buffay.  With a strong post-FRIENDS career including The Comeback, Web Therapy and movie including Easy A plus a producers credit on the American version of Who Do You Think You Are?, Kudrow is now changing things up with a drama role in Scandal.

The Shonda Rhimes penned political drama will see Kudrow join on a recurring role for season three as a politician.  Everything else about the role is being kept under wraps until the new season starts in early October.

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