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Call of Duty’s Battle Royale Blackout Mode isn’t Really Anything New


I’ll be honest.  I suck at ‘Battle Royale’ style games.  You know the type.  One giant map, you (or two or four team mates) flying in on a wing suit then parachute to some location, scrounge around quickly for supplies from ammo to weapons and everything in between while trying to be the last man or woman standing all the while a deadly gas closes in on your playable area.

Fortnite and Player Unknown Battle Grounds, two of the biggest and most popular games in this genre have set the tone of what’s to expect within this game mode and Call of Duty have now thrown their hat into the battleground with their own take called ‘Blackout’ which is now in closed beta mode for anyone with a pre-order for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, due for release in early October.

Blackout is Activision’s way of saying “sorry we’ve killed off solo campaign mode, but here’s a blatant rip off of some other games you ‘might’ enjoy.”  It’s an attempt to fill the void left vacant by the sorely missing solo mode but does it with not much difference from those other game readily available such as two other, very popular releases already with a strong and rabid fanbase.

Between Fortnite and PUBG, Blackout falls heavily into the latter of the two with it’s semi-realistic graphics that we’ve come to expect from CoD.  Thankfully there’s no fort/defense building and there’s an array of vehicles you and your team can take control of to whisk you quickly cross the ever collapsing map.

Dropping into a map, it’s a quick scramble to try and find a weapon of any kind along with backpacks, armor, health packs and ammo along with an assortment of Call of Duty based perks such as Iron Lungs and Dead Silence, among others, before really getting into the game.

That said, and going back to my opener, I truly suck at these games and coming off the face past multiplayer mode, I literally don’t have the patience to sit around and wait (for what seems like an eternity) for the next game to start or run around trying to build myself up only to be taken down in one foul swoop from some random player who was lucky enough to find a sniper rifle and knew how to use it.

Actually, of the ten or so games I have played of Blackout, I have spent more time playing a game of hide-and-seek more than shooting at other players.  In one game, as the last man standing of my squad of four, I managed to survive until the last moments of the game without seeing a single other player.  And such as it goes with this style of game.  Then again, the game shortly after that saw me and my squad drop into a train station, only for me to be taken out within thirty seconds of landing on the ground.

Having played CoD for going on a decade now, I can handle myself nicely within their multiplayer world and if anything, the first person shooter game play does sit nicely within a battle royale setting and makes playing the mode somewhat familiar.  I did find movement, vehicle control, aiming and shooting much more easier within Blackout than I ever did in any other battle royale game.

At the moment, the beta allows maps filled with 80 players compared to the 100 found in other releases, and by the looks of it, may offer some form of character customization with the option to choose playable characters from Black Ops 4’s multiplayer mode and zombie mode along with 4 standard male and female skins that, in all honesty, are pretty boring and bland right now.

Is Blackout a fun game?  Don’t ask me.  Remember, I hate AND suck at battle royale.  Is it a worthy replacement for CoD’s solo campaign mode.  Hell no.  The story-line and characters that make the campaign mode can not be replaced with a game mode such as royale.  But in the end, with three multiplayer options now going on within the world of a single Call of Duty game (Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout) players will have more opportunity to flick between the gaming style that suits them best.

The closed Blackout beta is now on for PlayStation users and begins on September 14 for Xbox One.  The Blackout beta will end for all platforms on September 17 with the full game launching on October 12.

Do you have any thoughts on the brand new Blackout mode?  Sound off in the comments section!

Update 12/9

After day one of Beta testing, Treyarch announced an increase to the player database per map from 80 players to 88.  Another adjustment is to the item pick up speed which players have noted as being very slow and cumbersome to do.


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Fallout 4 Mods for PS4 have Began to Appear on Bethesda Website

Unlock Ballistic Weave Mod by AndrewCX is live on the PS4 Mods page

The latest patch update to Fallout 4 (released today on PC and coming soon to consoles) includes an update to Bethesda’s Creation Kit which now offers mod support for PS4 mods.  The expectation is that the next scheduled update will finally include mods to be opened for PS4 users playing Fallout 4.

The previously stated restrictions involving no external assets and minimal mod storage space are still in effect though as of this post there are currently 29 mods available for the PS4 (that number raised by 5 in the 10 minutes since I began writing this post) that will be available for when mods go live.

The small mod storage space on PS4 consoles shouldn’t be too worrisome for players as the current “no external assets” restrictions currently in place mean available mods shouldn’t be much larger than a few MB each.

Mods for PS4 Fallout and coming quick and fast

The current listed mods include the hugely popular “cheat container” that offers players a small toolbox in Sanctuary full of 10,000 units of each building component (plants not included), an “unlock ballistic weave” mod for those (myself included) who encountered a bug with Tinker Tom not offering ballistic weave for clothing items after completing Railroad tasks or for those who did not side with the Railroad.

The “Beantown Interiors Project” has been ported to PS4 as well which opens up 30 buildings in Concord, Jamaica Plains and Hyde Park, among others, that have been boarded up and inaccessible to players and Elianora’s “Waste Anchorage” hairstyle mod along with her “Tweaks and Fixes all-in-one” mod and “Companion Appearance Overhaul” mods are live too.

Those worried about the lack of external assets affecting the amount of mods coming to Fallout 4 need only take a look at the current list of Skyrim mods for PS4 which is currently sitting at over 750 listed mods.  Granted these mods will never reach the same customization offered to Xbox One and PC users.

Mods for PS4 users playing Fallout 4 are due later this month.

First Good and Bad Impressions of Treyarch’s Black Ops 3

Top scorers post game lobby is a nice new addition!

Yesterday, Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 beta access opened to PlayStation 4 users worldwide (with an access code) offering players the chance to get their teeth into the bare bones of the game before it releases in full in early November.  Upon first impressions, Black Ops 3 destroys the abomination that was Advanced Warfare and offers up a sturdy modern throwback to the ground based warfare we had come to love with the first person shooter series.

My first experience with this beta didn’t go off to a good start however with a corrupt install followed by an extra agonizing 7 hour wait for the 12gig file to download.  Thankfully, past that, my issues with the game were relatively minor (paintshop refused to work, matchmaking/server issues) compared to others who have been experiencing full crashes.

Outrider looks sensational in the game
Outrider looks sensational in the game

As of writing this, I’ve spent just shy of about 5 hours with the game (though currently there are server issues meaning I’m sitting in a lobby unable to play), the three available maps, a handful of the game modes and four of the specialists (the other four are unlockable in the beta).  Black Ops 3 honestly feels like a true Call of Duty game, one that has the right amount of modern elements without jumping into the ludicrous (AW anyone?) and exciting new features that makes this new COD game feel fresh.

So…the hits and misses so far:


*THE TOKEN UNLOCK SYSTEM:  Treyarch have brought back their token unlock system and combine 10 which I personally have never been a fan of as trying to get a balance across a primary, a secondary, wildcards and perks with only 10 elements is proving to be tough.  Advanced Warfare’s level unlock and combine 13 system felt more comfortable and more achievable than waiting for tokens to build up before unlocking items, though I do like and remember enjoying the gun level up system which is also back.

*SPAWNING:  Bad spawning usually plagues the COD series early on in releases and BO3 is falling into the same trap with team spawn points reversing sides very very quickly throwing game play off somewhat.  Quite a few times I’ve found myself having to turn back because the enemy has quickly begun to spawn behind me.

*SPARROW:  Outrider’s ‘sparrow’ compound bow is a very sluggish weapon to use and as a fan of the crossbow from previous series, this compound bow – while powerful – becomes rather pointless when you factor in the slowness of use in fast game play modes.  Fingers crossed a crossbow is available in the full release.

*MELEE: What happened to Melee?!  I mean, it’s still there, but in a sort-of-drunken-punch kinda way that actually has little to no effect on the opponent.  Being able to be quick on the R3 button in that moment of surprise is a skill that requires many attempts to master and now, the little girl punch we have feels lost and is sorely missed.

*SPECIALIST PERSONALIZATION: I know it’s coming in the full game, but I did believe we were going to get a taste of specialist customization in the beta.  I’m being picky I know – I just HATE multiplayer games filled with clones of the same character!


*THE CHAIN BASED MOVEMENT SYSTEM: How refreshing is this new movement system?!  The unlimited sprint mixed with a boost jump mixed with wall running mixed with a decent knee slide all whilst shooting and reloading is a great new element to the game.  While wall running took a few attempts to nail (it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it)  it’s a very cool addition to the game play that feels quite effortless and allows for some rather sneaky movement to place you behind the enemy team.

*GAME PLAY: I will say, I originally felt the game to be heavy and slow, but after a few plays, I realized that I had become so used to Advanced Warfare’s flight system and that in fact, BO3 was how it used to be – a brutal ground based war that relies on a mix of precision and stealth rather than speed.

*THE CARNAGE: The damage caused by Outrider’s ‘sparrow’ bow is quite gory and graphic with body parts flying about the place and on more than a few occasions, my characters was left without any legs after getting to close to a cooked frag!

*POST-GAME LOBBY: I love the post-game lobby showcasing the matches three top scorers.  It really adds to player determination to do well and basically boast about how awesome they were in that match.  Once specialist personaliztion comes in to effect, this new feature will look even more better!

*THE MAPS: In the beta, there are four maps available, and to me, are in the medium sized range.  They’re not nuketown short and they’re not Stonehaven large but all four showcase the beautiful graphics and the possible game play involved, taking advantage of the new swimming and wall-running features.  Of the four previewed in beta mode, ‘Combine’ was my favorite as it offered a great balance for both snipers and ground runners.

*PAINTSHOP: A fun new element within the series that allows for deeper personalization – of your weapons.  I did have a quick play around with it, but when it comes to this type of stuff….i’m not that creative, but being able to blast around with a shotgun covered in pink flames does feel pretty cool!

*POWERFUL SILENCERS: I’m a runner/gunner player who mostly relies on catching the enemy team off guard and it’s proven difficult in past COD games with silences significantly reducing the damage effect of a weapon.  In BO3, I found the silencers to have much more effect and damage which makes the way I play that much more effective.

I do have a lot of love for the Call of Duty series and it’s refreshing to see Treyarch taking note of what we hated about AW and offering us a true call-back to the series so many of us love.  Black Ops 3 is THAT modern era ground based war that needed to happen to bring back the love to the series that forces players to use stealth and precision over speed and height.  This beta has me excited to experience the full release from zombies to campaign to multiplayer.

PS4 Beta experience ends August 23rd and starts up for XBox August 26th.