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The Trailer is Here for the Next Installment of The Toys That Made Us!

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Hello Kitty features in Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us Second Season

Just like the excitement that follows after finding that childhood gem of a toy in your parents storage, the second season of the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us is finally coming to our screens!

The documentary series which takes a look at the history of some of our most beloved and iconic toy brands – from conception to reality and everything in between – has already taken a look at He-Man, Barbie, Star Wars and GI Joe and now it’s time for the next batch of mega toy brands to get a closer look.

The first four episodes released back in December were being pushed as the first half of season one, but now it seems, Netflix have seperated the eight episodes into two four episode seasons.

May 25th will see The Toys That Made Us throw Hello Kitty, Star Trek, Transformers and Lego under the microscope on Netflix.

Image via Netflix