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And We Have A Winner! X Factor Delivers!

X Factor 2013 Winner Dami Im

The show ran over time by half an hour, Katy Perry performed two songs off her new album sporting some 90’s Gwen Stefani hair buns and host Luke Jacobz paused on the winners announcement for 25 minutes but we finally have an X Factor winner!

Helped along by mentor Dannii Minogue (who also did an amazing job with Dami’s transformation) Dami Im was voted (by a very wise public) as the very worthy winner of X Factor 2013!

Runner up went to a very humble Taylor Henderson, whom I’m sure we have not seen the last of.

This good news means Jai did not win!  (another nod to you, the voters!)

Dami’s winners single Alive (Didn’t Nat Bass have a single of the same title?) will be available on iTunes after the X factor finale has aired in all states.

X Factor will return next year for an all new show!