The Blacklist Season 2 Begins on Monday


The Blacklist returns for season 2 on Monday (Sept 29th) at 8:45pm on channel 7 and things heat up as people from Reds past arrive including the elusive Berlin and Red’s ex-wife and shock horror – Megan Boone looses the awful wig by the end of the episode!  Keep an eye out for guest stars Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds) and Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad)

AHS Freak Show Cast Art Revealed


How fantastic!  Hollywood Reporter released the first exclusive look at the cast art for AHS Freak Show and it looks incredible!  Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars front a centre, Sarah Paulson Bette and Dot Tattler, Michael Chiklis as The Strong Man Wendell Del Toredo, Kathy Bates as The Bearded Woman Effil Darling with Angela Bassett and Francis Conroy both featured as well!

AHS Freak Show begins October 8th, 10pm on FX