Pretty Little Liars’ Big ReveAl Is Coming


Could it be true?  After 5 seasons, over 100 episodes, assorted deaths, mysterious text messages and many a red coat, it seems we are finally edging closer to discovering the real identity of Pretty Little Liars’ ‘Big A’.

We’ve been led down many a winding road with our liars only to be let down with mini A’s (Mona) and fake members of the A Team (Toby and Ezra) but now, it seems, we are heading towards the light.

That’s from PLL creator Marlene King who followed up with the following tweet:

PLL’s Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) has let it be known that when it comes to the identity of Big A….we’ve already seen them. It won’t be some random character that pops out of nowhere saying ‘surprise bitches’.

So who is Big A?  Or who could be Big A?

Everyone from lead characters Aria (Lucy Hale) and Hannah (Ashley Benson) to Ashley (Laura Leighton) and even the deceased Maya (Bianca Lawson) have all been tossed around the theory bin but it looks like we’re going to have to wait until the season 5 finale on March 24th for a very long awaited answer.

Who do you think is Big A?  Sound off in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday nights on ABC Family (USA) and on Fox8 on Fridays (Australia)

3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars’ Big ReveAl Is Coming”

  1. Marlene King

    we need more Pretty little lairs season we need season 8 season 9 and season 10

    we need (Sasha Pieterse back on PLL Alison needs her freedom she had nothing to do with mona death and had nothing to with Bethany Young Death everything goes back to Radley Jessica D and Toby mom were the ones in Radley too is history repeating all over again

    Holdbrook didn’t do anything to Allison Test but Big A frame Holbrook because A Enter his office and used Holbrook device used to hack into Holbrook computer so A can see allison test

  2. we need to what happen to sarah harvey we need her in PLL her story is messed up on the night of bethany murder Sarah went missing jane doe is the only person who would know why bethany was killed and she might know where sarah is and where her dead body is
    allison was never found because she didn’t want to be found

  3. let get a trumpet horn and sing Oh Radley Oh Radley Oh why are connected to Oh Courtland girl who went missing on the night bethany young got killed and lets go an get further information and classify what really happen on that night

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